Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maths 2 (7/1/2011)

Instructions to pupils:

DO these 3 problem sums in your Maths 2 after completing Let's Practise 1b.

Copy the questions. Alternatively, you can print out the questions and paste them in the exercise book neatly.

Make use of branch method that I taught in class to solve the problems. Draw and label your branches neatly.

1. Linah gave 1/5 of her stamps to her sister. She gave 1/4 of the remaining stamps to her brother. What fraction of her stamps had she left?

2. Mr Li used 1/4 of his savings to buy a laptop. He used 1/6 of the remaining savings to buy some DVDs. What fraction of his money had he left?

3. There are some beads in a box. 1/4 of the beads are white. 1/17 of the remaining are red. What fraction of the beads are red?

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