Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday Homework

Complete Maths Workbook Review 4, pp 133 to 143.

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You have a friend who has never heard of Singapore. What is one interesting thing/fact you would like to share with him or her? Why?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sentence Construction

Sentence construction based on the article 'Deadly Tornado Batters Joplin Missouri'

A collective effort by the class on 27 May 2011.

1. I opened my closet only to find lots of cockroaches crawling around.

2. Her heroic act to save her family was admired by many.

3. Within minutes, the massive tsunami struck Haiti without warning. Everything was destroyed in its path. .

4. The residents evacuated their homes as soon as they heard the emergency siren.

5. Piranhas are known to be extremely deadly as they enjoy human flesh and swim freely in the sea.

6. One of the richest men in the world, Mister Vince MacMahon, deployed hundreds of workers, architects and engineers to build a new bungalow for his family.

7. I received an encouraging response to my advertisement.

8. We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials.

9. Being the first few residents to live at the newly-built flat, I gleefully ran around the flat by myself.

10. Mary's teacher commended her on her good progress. This made Mary's face radiate with joy.

11. As soon as Mdm Toh announced that there was no supplementary class on Tuesday, we all jumped, delirious with joy.

12. The massive killing of sharks for their fins poses a threat to their survival.

13. A tornado always leaves a trail of destruction every time it strikes a city.

14. It is not advisable for the students to be rowdy during an emergency exercise.

15. The oil tanker on the ship is leaking. We have to repair it quickly.

16. "It was horrible! I was trapped under the debris for a few hours and almost suffocated," recounted a survivor of the earthquake.

17. The raging/ferocious fire/inferno caused an extensive damage to the entire estate/neighbourhood/village.
18. I sent her my deepest condolences after her father passed away.

19. There were not enough beds in the hospital after the tornado.

20. A police car raced past my house with a blaring siren.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Use your hand campaign

Dear all

Bring rags to class tomorrow for Use Your Hand campaign.

English enrichment class will be from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm tomorrow.

Mdm Toh

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maths Problems - 24 May 2011

1. A swimmer had to swim a distance of 50 m out in the sea. On the average, he took 1 min to swim 20 m and lost 1 min each time he was pushed back 10 m by the wave. He continued in this way for the rest of the journey. How long would it take the swimmer to swim 50m out in the sea? (1m)

2. Tank A was completely filled with water. When 2/5 of the water in tank A was poured into Tank B, it filled only 1/3 of Tank B. The capacity of the Tank B was 1.2 m3 more than that of Tank A. Find the capacity of the Tank A. (Give your answer in cubic metres.) (3m)

3. 40% of the pupils in a school were boys. 30% of the boys and 50% of the girls participated in an English Quiz. 180 boys took part in the quiz. How many girls participated in the quiz? (3m)

4. Imran, Owen and Muthu shared some Pokemon cards in the ratio of 3 : 6 : 4. Imran kept 1/5 of his cards and gave the rest of his cards to Owen and Muthu in the ratio of 1 : 3. As a result, Owen had 700 more cards than Muthu.
(a) How many cards did Imran keep for himself?(2m)
(b) Find the total number of cards Owen had after receiving the cards from Imran. (2m)

5. Jeremiah bought 4 pairs of shoes for $(3n + 8). He also bought two shirts at $3n each.
(a) What was the cost of a pair of shoes? (1m)
(b) If n = 8, how much did 2 shirts and a pair of shoes cost? (3m)

6. Mrs Chan used either butter or margarine for her cakes. The cost of butter was thrice as much as the cost of margarine. She used 60% of butter and 40% of margarine to bake cakes. She spent $220 on the butter and margarine that she had used to bake the cakes. How much would she save if she used 40% of butter and 60% of margarine instead? (5m)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Maths problems sums - 23 May 2011

1. Rashid was driving from Town X to Town Y at a uniform speed while Nathan was driving from Town Y to Town X at a uniform speed of 84km/h. They started their journeys at different times.

1 1/2h after Rashid drove past Nathan, Rashid reached Town Y while Nathan was still 39 km away from Town X. If Rashid took 4 hours for the whole journey, what was the distance between Town X and Town Y? (5m)

2. The ratio of the volume of honey in Jar A to the volume of honey in Jar B was 1 : 3 at first. When 140 ml of honey was poured from Jar B into Jar A, the ratio of the volume of honey is Jar A to the volume of honey in Jar B became 3 : 2.
(a) What was the total volume of honey in Jar A and Jar B? (3m)
(b) What percentage of the total volume of honey was in Jar A at first? (2m)

3. A child ticket to a concert cost $12. An adult ticket cost 25% more than a child ticket. All tickets to the concert were sold and the total sales amounted to $3 300. If 60% of the tickets were sold to children, how many tickets were sold to adults? (5m)

4. Sarah bought some identical files and books. 2/7 of her money was spent on files and the rest on books. The cost of each file was 4/7 of the cost of each book. If she bought 42 files, how many books did she buy? (5m)

Article - Deadly Tornado batters Joplin Missouri

Read Deadly Tornado batters Joplin Missouri.

Download the post-reading task here and the crossword puzzle.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maths Problem Sums

1. 40% of Rick’s salary is the same as 25% of Sam’s salary. If Sam earns $270 more than Rick, how much is Rick’s salary? (2m)

2. A man left home at 8.35 am in his car, driving at an average speed of 60 km/h. If his office is 40 km away, at what time will he arrive at his office? (2m)

3. The perimeter of a rectangle is 144 cm. The ratio of its length to its breadth is 5 : 3. Find its area. (2m)

4. Minah’s mass is y kg. Her father is twice as heavy as she is. Her brother is 18 kg lighter than her father.
(i) Express their total mass in terms of y. (2m)
(ii) Find her brother’s mass if y = 38.75 (1m)

5. Judy had 129 stickers more than Anne at first. When Judy received 6 stickers from Anne, the number of stickers Anne has becomes 2/5 the number of stickers Judy has. How many stickers did Anne have at first? (3m)

6. James had a collection of stamps from different parts of the world. The ratio of the number of Liberian stamps to the number of Nepalese stamps was 2 : 5. After selling 63 Nepalese stamps, the ratio became 3 : 4. Find the number of Nepalese stamps he had at first. (3m)

7. Mr. Tan gave his wife 15% of his salary every month. When his salary was cut after a salary review, he gave her 30% less than the usual amount that he gave her each month. His wife then received $840. What was Mr. Tan’s original salary before the reduction? (3m)

8. There are 40 fifty-cent and twenty-cent coins altogether in a container. The value of the twenty-cent coins is $0.30 more than that of the fifty-cent coins. How many twenty-cent coins are there in the container? (3m)

Article Reading - PM Lee announces sweeping changes to Cabinet

Read this news article - PM Lee announces sweeping changes to Cabinet

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Article Reading - Prayers got louder & louder

After a fire broke out on board, a Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus 330 - bound for Jakarta with 136 passengers on board - returned to Singapore safely just before 2am on Monday.

About 20 minutes after take-off, passengers on board the flight heard two sharp bangs. The plane then began shaking violently, according to Reuters photographer Beawiharta, who was aboard the plane with his wife, two sons and daughter.

The lights went out, and Mr Beawiharta could smell something burning.

Cathay Pacific said in a statement: "The aircraft stopped on the taxiway and sparks from the No 2 engine were reported. They were doused by fire extinguishers."

The New Paper 17 May 2011

Maths Problem Sums (Factors and Multiples)

1. Alan wants to cover a cardboard measuring 80 cm by 100 cm with square coloured paper of the same size. He uses only whole square coloured paper.
(a) Find the largest possible length of the side of each square coloured paper.
(b) Find the number of such square coloured paper that Alan needs to cover the cardboard.

2. Jonathon bought an item that was less than $100. He could pay for the item exactly with only $2 notes. He could also pay for the item exactly with $5 notes. What were the likely prices of the item he bought?

3. Mark cycles in Punggol Park once every 4 days while Lee Hua cycles there once every 5 days and Priya cycles there once every 10 days. If they cycled there together on 3 July, on what date would they cycle together at Punggol Park?

4. Michelle prepared a mixture of apple, carrot and celery juices. 1/3 of the mixture was apple juice and 2/5 of the remainder was celery juice. 315ml of the mixture was celery juice. What volume of the mixture was carrot juice?

5. 6A and 6B have the same number of pupils each. 1/4 of all the boys are from 6A and 1/5 of all the girls are from 6B. What is the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys in 6B?

6. Alan invited his classmates to his birthday party. He invited 20 more boys than girls. 3/4 of the boys and 2/3 of the firls attended the party and 19 children did not attend the party. How many children were invited?

7. PSLE Booklet, P17 Qn 54, Balloon Question

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SA1 Practice Paper 3

Download the SA1 Maths Practice Paper 3 here.

If your browser does not support the document and you see some weird symbols, or any information, ignore these questions. Just do those questions that you can view.