Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maths Problem Sums

1. 40% of Rick’s salary is the same as 25% of Sam’s salary. If Sam earns $270 more than Rick, how much is Rick’s salary? (2m)

2. A man left home at 8.35 am in his car, driving at an average speed of 60 km/h. If his office is 40 km away, at what time will he arrive at his office? (2m)

3. The perimeter of a rectangle is 144 cm. The ratio of its length to its breadth is 5 : 3. Find its area. (2m)

4. Minah’s mass is y kg. Her father is twice as heavy as she is. Her brother is 18 kg lighter than her father.
(i) Express their total mass in terms of y. (2m)
(ii) Find her brother’s mass if y = 38.75 (1m)

5. Judy had 129 stickers more than Anne at first. When Judy received 6 stickers from Anne, the number of stickers Anne has becomes 2/5 the number of stickers Judy has. How many stickers did Anne have at first? (3m)

6. James had a collection of stamps from different parts of the world. The ratio of the number of Liberian stamps to the number of Nepalese stamps was 2 : 5. After selling 63 Nepalese stamps, the ratio became 3 : 4. Find the number of Nepalese stamps he had at first. (3m)

7. Mr. Tan gave his wife 15% of his salary every month. When his salary was cut after a salary review, he gave her 30% less than the usual amount that he gave her each month. His wife then received $840. What was Mr. Tan’s original salary before the reduction? (3m)

8. There are 40 fifty-cent and twenty-cent coins altogether in a container. The value of the twenty-cent coins is $0.30 more than that of the fifty-cent coins. How many twenty-cent coins are there in the container? (3m)

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