Friday, May 27, 2011

Sentence Construction

Sentence construction based on the article 'Deadly Tornado Batters Joplin Missouri'

A collective effort by the class on 27 May 2011.

1. I opened my closet only to find lots of cockroaches crawling around.

2. Her heroic act to save her family was admired by many.

3. Within minutes, the massive tsunami struck Haiti without warning. Everything was destroyed in its path. .

4. The residents evacuated their homes as soon as they heard the emergency siren.

5. Piranhas are known to be extremely deadly as they enjoy human flesh and swim freely in the sea.

6. One of the richest men in the world, Mister Vince MacMahon, deployed hundreds of workers, architects and engineers to build a new bungalow for his family.

7. I received an encouraging response to my advertisement.

8. We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials.

9. Being the first few residents to live at the newly-built flat, I gleefully ran around the flat by myself.

10. Mary's teacher commended her on her good progress. This made Mary's face radiate with joy.

11. As soon as Mdm Toh announced that there was no supplementary class on Tuesday, we all jumped, delirious with joy.

12. The massive killing of sharks for their fins poses a threat to their survival.

13. A tornado always leaves a trail of destruction every time it strikes a city.

14. It is not advisable for the students to be rowdy during an emergency exercise.

15. The oil tanker on the ship is leaking. We have to repair it quickly.

16. "It was horrible! I was trapped under the debris for a few hours and almost suffocated," recounted a survivor of the earthquake.

17. The raging/ferocious fire/inferno caused an extensive damage to the entire estate/neighbourhood/village.
18. I sent her my deepest condolences after her father passed away.

19. There were not enough beds in the hospital after the tornado.

20. A police car raced past my house with a blaring siren.

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