Friday, July 29, 2011

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ST articles - More Bubbles!!!

Contributed by Xin Hui - Demand for new jets ( January-june 2011, Airbus)

Contributed by Ayisha - Loan Shark s now hunting in schools(little red dot)

Contributed by Celine - Jerusalem Captured

Contributed by Cai Leng - From sleepy village to bustling port

Contributed by Ivan - Door opens for generic versions as patents on brand-name drugs expire.

Contributed by Devesh

Contributed by Jonathan

Contributed by Maisarah

Thank you all for your bubbles. Well Done :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maths Problem Sums on Speed

Additional Practices for those who yearns for more...

1. Peter and John decided to compete in a race. On average, Peter ran at 69 m/min slower than John. When John completed the entire race in 20 minutes, Peter had only completed 4/7 of the race.
a)     Find the time taken by Peter to complete the race. (1m)
            b)   What was the speed of Peter? (3m)

2. Town A and Town B were 240 km apart. Sharon left Town A for Town B          at 9.00 a.m. travelling at an average speed of 60 km/h. Kim left Town A          some time later than Sharon and overtook her at 11 a.m. Kim’s travelling speed was 90 km/h.
            a)  At what time did Kim leave Town A? (2m)
            b)  How much later did Sharon arrive in Town B than Kim? (2m)

3.  After jogging for 26 minutes, Alan has run 5/9 of the distance while Ben has covered only 1/3 of it. Alan’s average speed is 40 m/min faster than Ben’s. If Ben wants to complete the distance at the same time as Alan, by how much should he increase his average speed for the remaining part of the distance? (4m)

4. .   At 7 am, Ronnie started a running marathon from Point A to Point B at an average speed of 16 km/h.  45 minutes later, Sally started cycling from Point A to Point B at an average speed of 24 km/h. Both Ronnie and Sally reached their respective destinations at the same time.  What was the time taken by Ronnie to run his marathon from Point A to B? (4m)

S and T (additional Practice 3)

1. John must confess his crime. He may escape punishment.

a) If __________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) Unless_______________________________________________________


2. Mr Chan wanted to wash his dirty clothes. He sent them to the laundry.

a) _____________________________________________________ because

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) _____________________________________________________ to be


c) Wanting_____________________________________________________


d) Mr Chan's dirty clothes__________________________________________


3. Susan began late. She completed her assignment first.

a) ____________________________________________________ though

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) Susan's _______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

c) Despite ______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

4. "Are you joining us for the celebration tomorrow?" Limei asked Alice.

Limei asked ______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

5. They arrived at a decision. They had had a long discussion.

a) ______________________________________________________ before

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) After a ______________________________________________________


c) A decision_____________________________________________________


Click here to view the answers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Straits Times - Post Reading

Contributed by Jacques - S'poreans Return After Horror Crash

You can also read the news report on this accident from CNA and yahoo news.

Contributed by Marianne - Engine Problems force SIA A-380 to turn back

You may read the article from the slides here.

Composition (unedited) contributed by Devesh - The Eventful Bus Ride

"Yes, I'm on the new 36 bus service that takes me to Thomson Road now, I have the documents, don't worry," I panted. It was Friday and I was on the bus going to my office to deliver some documents to one of my clients.

Being a financial advisor is a very hectic job. You don't have regular work hours and you don't have a definite pay. You also have to go many places, which was why I was applying for a driver's license, as I hated the crowded public buses and thought that taxis were just too expensive.

Anyway, back to the bus. I was clutching my documents with both hands, something I should never have done but did anyway.

Suddenly, a little boy ran across the road which we were travelling on. The driver jammed on the brakes. Unfortunately, he had depressed the brake pedal too hard, causing the wheels to 'lock' and the bus to skid. It soon stopped, however, because the driver turned the steering wheel in the direction of the skid.

I almost fell, but at the last moment, I managed to grab a handlebar to steady myself. Others around me were not so lucky, however. One boy's head hit the metal rail and his books fell down, but he was otherwise okay. One lady had accidentally dropped the plastic bag she was holding and her groceries fell to the bus floor. I rushed to help her pick them up, but a schoolgirl beat me to it. It was then that I saw one of the most touching acts of kindness and wished everyone could be the same.

I did eventually deliver my documents -- against my better judgement, I hailed a taxi. With a steely determination to make my days of taking public transport history, I completed and passed my driving test and got my license. The next day, I had to meet a client -- and instead of rushing to the bus stop or taxi stand, I rushed to my previously-bought Suzuki Swift.

Composition (unedited) contributed by Ahmad - Read and Suggest a suitable title

“This is such a bother,” I cursed to myself. I had bought myself a car and I still had not gotten a driver’s licence.
The public transport was full and crowded with people. They were very noisy somehow, people chatting, listening to their music on full volume, people chomping down their food loudly on purpose so as to annoy others. The road was full of cars, honking at each other to move. Luckily, the bus had an alternate route to avoid the traffic. I was heading to work. Suddenly, the bus swerved, trying to avoid a speeding car.
The vehicle was tilting. Everyone was shaken by the effect of tilting. An old woman fell off her chair. An Indian woman’s baby is crying loudly. A boy from a primary school hit his head against his chair and was knocked out. Finally, the bus landed on its right side, my head bumped into one of the metal poles and started to hurt, and my whole body started aching. I did not know anything, but the last thing I heard was loud, high-pitched shrieks. When my senses settled, I saw everybody knocked out or hurt, groceries that an old lady bought were on the ground and the baby that was crying was bleeding profusely. The old lady was out cold so I helped her lean against the aisle of the bus.
There was chaos all around, like an apocalypse. I leaned against the aisle. What had happened? I reached for my phone inside a pocket, but found it crushed to pieces. Sighing, I slowly stood up, knees wobbly. I looked around, observing everybody. Most of them were losing blood rapidly and the rest are dead already. There was nothing and no one to help me. I was so depressed that I felt like tearing my hair off. To relieve myself, I took out a cigarette from a box in my pocket and started smoking. Drip, drip. What was dripping? I tilted my head and my jaw dropped. I dropped my cigarette and started running as fast as my feet could carry me. There was a pool of oil. It burned and so did the bus. BOOM! There was a big explosion. Smoke filled the air around me. As I dropped to my knees, I tried to reflect on all that has happened until now.
“It wasn’t my fault,” I whispered to myself.
I hammered the ground with my fist. Sirens were blaring a few miles away. As the blaring got louder, the police cars and fire engines got nearer. The sirens stopped blaring once the officers and firemen came out of their vehicles.
The firemen brought along their hose and used the emergency water supply to put out the large fire. A police officer held out his hand. I grabbed it and stood up. The officer’s name was Lieutenant Lenny. He questioned me on how the fire started and what exactly happened. I felt scared to tell him, I was shocked and could not explain to him.
“Tell you what, I’ll bring you back to the police post and we can question you there, alright?” Lt. Lenny asked me.
I nodded to his idea and agreed to it. He pulled me up and walked me over to the police car. I slid into the seat of the car. Now they only had to question me and I only had to answer them. The unreasonable speeding driver had to be caught but they needed my help. I calmed myself down and finally started to answer his questions. Now, to finish off this case, the only thing that was left to do was to catch the irresponsible driver!

Wen Qi's Composition - Bus Accident (Unedited)

"Sit tight!" the bus captain hollered . In an instant, the bus swerved violently to the left. Every soul on board the bus began screaming at the top of their voices.

As a reflex action, i grabbed a hand-grip above me in time. But not everyone was as lucky as me. Just beside, an elderly lady was too slow to react to the situation and was thrown onto the floor. The groceries in her bag then scattered everywhere on the floor. Next, a huge thud was heard and I saw her lying helplessly on the floor.

The incident stopped as sudden as it started. The bus went into a complete halt. At this moment, an eerie silence descended upon the bus. Everyone on board was in a state of shock.

All of a sudden, a loud cry shattered the silence. I turned my head and saw my classmate groaning in pain and the elderly lady still on the floor. Not wasting a second, I dashed towards her. I helped her by getting onto her feet and retrieving her groceries. In return, she thanked me and gave the smile i had ever seen my life.

Just then, the bus captain asked, Ïs anyone injured?". Together, everyone gave a big "No". Slowly, as the bus got back on course, I saw that the bus driver had wanted to avoid a reckless motorcyclist that was about to collide with the bus I on aboard.

About 15 minutes later, I reached my school and I heard a big sigh of relief. I was glad that I was able to escape this ordeal unscathed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Straits Times Post-reading activity

Hi, as discussed in class, each of us has to choose an article from today's Straits Times based on these two criteria:
a) useful in vocabulary building
b) useful in composition writing

My choice is 'S'poreans return after horror crash' and I have done a text analysis. Click here to view it.

Composition Writing

There are two questions. Answer only one of them.

2. Write a story based on the picture below.

For your story, make use of the points below:
- what the students were doing
- what happened to one of the tents
- what the students did
- what happened in the end

3. One rainy day, on your way home from school in the school bus, a roadside tree collapsed on the busy road about 100 metres ahead of your bus.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Compositions - Second draft and filing

Dear all, please check your MConline email for the answer key to weekend homework. For those who received your compositions today, get your second draft done. File your Draft 2/3 of the composition on the bus in your writing folder.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jonathan's picture composition - bus (unedited) Read and suggest a suitable title!

 There I lay, slumped down in the bus seat.  It was a tiring and exhausting day at school.  Unfortunately, it was not a happy one too.  First, I spilled coke onto my friend, next, I fell down and grazed my knee severely.  What could go worse?  I took out a book from my bag.  I decided to read it to occupy myself in this thirty-minute bus journey.
  Suddenly while being lost in my world of thoughts, the bus I was in swerved to the right without warning.  Chaos broke out.  The next few minutes were all spent on trying to protect myself.  As I hung on to a pole for my dear life, I witnessed an old woman being thrown off her seat.  She fell to the ground clutching her leg and screaming in agony.
 Her plastic bags were flung around.  Out flew many fruits.  People all around me, of course, including me, were screaming in terror.  What was this bus driver doing?  Was he crazy?  I also saw this Indian lady, cradling her baby.  She was hurt because she tried to protect her baby.  She was bleeding profusely from the head.  All I could think of was my own safety.  Unfortunately, it came to my turn.  My head banged against the pole I was clinging on to.
 Feeling dazed, my limp body dropped to the ground.  Due to the excruciating pain, I could not even manage a whimper, much less a scream in pain.  My vision became blur.  Instinctively, I slowly touched my head.  My head felt warm and wet.  Looking at my hand, I became utterly shocked!  I was bleeding!  That was what I thought, until l realized somebody had accidentally spilled warm ‘Bundung’ on my head.  This new ‘discovery’ made feel relieved.  Those few minutes felt like hours.
 Finally, the bus driver made a last swerve to the right.  Being tossed around like a ragdoll, I felt really bruised and felt as if someone had just continually punched me in the gut.  The last jerk on the bus told me that everything had finally ended.  People were all whimpering and squirming on the bus floor in pain.  The bus doors opened.  I stepped out, only to realize the bus driver had swerved to the left and right all because he wanted to avoid a thick and long python that was crossing the road!  Though I only had a few bruises and cuts, I controlled myself not to punch the bus driver.  He had caused elderly and passengers in the bus to be hurt!
 Seeing the state of passengers in the bus, I called the ambulance.  Just then, I saw a sedan run over the python.  The python immediately died.  What?! It died just like that? The bus driver should have run over the python!
 Waiting impatiently for the ambulance to come, I stamped my foot in exasperation, and shouted “Waah!” Although I was happy I survived, I felt angry at the bus driver. My shouts of anger echoed throughout the tunnel and bounced back to me. What an unlucky day that was for me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

What to do on Monday 25 July 2011

Xin Hui will collect the Maths Papers (4B) from the class locker.

The class will complete Practice Paper 4B within 1h 40min independently. Calculators are allowed. Completed work must be returned to the class locker after dismissal at 1.00 pm. Xin Hui and Ada will see to this.

The following pupils have to submit Draft 2 of their compositions to Xin Hui who will place them in the class locker.
1. Xin Hui
2. Augustine
3. Marianne
4. Valencia
5. Jacques
6. Jia Yun
7. Jia Lin
8. Shi Min
9. Keane

Maisarah and Henny will collect the ICAS (Maths) consent forms from the participants. Keep the forms in the top drawer of the Teacher's desk.

Refer to this link for details of your EL Oral Exam in the afternoon. Put in your best effort to protect as many of the 30 marks as possible. Put on your best effort and behaviour.

All the best to all of you! See you on Tuesday.

S and T (additional Practice 2)

For each of the questions from 1 to 5, rewrite the given sentence(s) using the word(s) provided. Your answer must be in one sentence. The meaning of your sentence must be the same as the given one(s).

1. Your condition will worsen. You should seek medical help for it now.

a)____ ___________________________________________________if

____________________________________________________________ .

b)____________________________________________________ unless

____________________________________________________________ .

c) You should __________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________ .

2. The flowers will wither and die. You must water the flowers every day.

a) Unless _____________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________________ .

b) If ___________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

c) Watering ______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

3. Mdm Loh does not have long hair. She does not have curly hair.

______________________________________________________ neither

_______________________________________________________________ .

4. The brothers made a card to express their appreciation and love for their mother.

a) To express____________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) A card ________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

c) ______________________________________________________ through

______________________________________________________________ .

5. John's father asks, "Do you know where your mother keeps the telephone bill?"

John's father asks ________________________________________________

Submit the answers to your group's assigned questions here.

Check your answers here.

Eco Tee Design Contest [Calling for Entries]

In conjunction with the National Environment Agency’s “Eco Music Challenge 2011,” Qloov has organised an Eco Tee Design Contest. The winning design will be printed on a T-shirt made from recycled bottles. With the theme, “A clean and green world begins with your song!” in mind, pick up your pens and start designing your very own Eco Tee today and you may very well be the winner of great prizes! Submissions close on 29th July 2011 and the winner will be announced on  7th August 2011. Also, don’t forget to get your friends to vote for your entry!

For more information, visit or email Cai Li at .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Synthesis and Transformation 3 (PP4)

Discuss in groups of 4 and key in the answers of your assigned questions in this form.

1. My sister, who is eighteen, is too young to vote during the National Elections.
    My sister __________ is not ____________

2. The soccer team must train hard for the World Cup. They will not qualify  for it.
    ______________ unless _____________

3. Uncle Rahim said, "I don't like going to the casino."
    Uncle Rahim _____________

4. My father rarely shows any kindness.
    Rarely _________

5. I ate too much for supper. I was unable to sleep well.
    Having ___________

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Racial Harmony Day 21 July 2011

It is Racial Harmony Day tomorrow.

Come to school clad in traditional ethnic costume to commemorate this meaningful event!

We have been introduced to the use of sarong and the art of Chinese knots. You will be introduced to kolam tomorrow morning.

On this day, let's all be reminded that racial harmony does not come by easy and should not be taken for granted.

Share a personal experience that you have rendered or received kindness to/from a friend of another ethnic race.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Autistic child asked to leave eatery

Read this article. Share your views with the class here.

Be the first to give the correct meaning of 'Autism'!

Preliminary Oral Examination 25 July 2011, 28 July 2011

Take note of your Team Number(s) for your oral examination next week.
You will be dismissed at 12.45 pm for lunch and report to the hall by 1.25 pm.

English Oral (25 July 2011, Monday)

Team No.
Exam Room
Waiting Room
Reg No. 1 to 21
Reg No. 22 to 42

Mother Tongue Oral (28 July 2011, Thursday)

Team No.
No. of Candidates
Exam Room
Waiting Room

*Check with your Chinese Teacher which team you are in.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cruelty to animals

Share your thoughts on this article. Leave a comment.

Article - Prepare children for the future

Read this article on what the new Education Minister says about the foundation of education. Please cut out the full article In Sunday Times if you have the papers at home. We'll share our views tomorrow in class.

Answer the following questions in your complete sentences.

1. Why did 700 parents pack the hall?

2. Who Is Mr Heng Swee Keat?

3. Did the audience expect Mr Heng to be present? Which word and which 2-word phrase tell you so?

4. According to Mr Heng, what lay the foundation of everything?

5. In your own words, explain clearly why the value of resilience is important.

6. Explain why it is more and more important to be equipped with analytical skills.

7. In the last paragraph, what is next on Mr Heng's schedule?

8. What does 'education counterparts' mean?

Click here for the suggested answers.

Unscramble these words that are found in the article. Submit your answers in this form.

1. tryingeit
2. silireence
3. dweeklong
4. straptunerco
5. remains
6. slauve
7. mapsoonics
8. tailcanlay
9. muccurlrui
10. mumist
11. rangetintic
12. scenetimecop

Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Owls by Martin Waddel - Attention Henny and Brian

View and enjoy this video.

This is the slide presentation and an example of a writing plan that will help you to write the composition.

Hand in your compositions on Monday (18 July 2011)

Please remember to check your MConline email.

Mdm Toh

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Synthesis and Transformation - Preparing for PSLE 1

For each of the questions from 1 to 5, rewrite the given sentence(s) using the word(s)
provided. Your answer must be in one sentence. The meaning of your sentence must be the same as the given one(s).

1. I do not know her well enough. I cannot ask her for help.

a)______________________________________________________ enough

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) As a result ________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

2. He should be more careful. Then he would not fall into the ravine.

a) Had _________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) Should ______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

3. The water is polluted. The fishes are dying.

a) _____________________________________________________because

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) Due to _____________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

c) The polluted _________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

4. John and Tommy were not involved in the accident.

a) Neither _____________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

b) __________________________________, as well as _______________________


5. "Do you know why Timothy was absent from school yesterday?" Mary asked Benny.

Mary asked ______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________ .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maths Practice Paper

Please retrieve the Maths Practice Paper from your MConline email. Complete the paper in 1h 40min at home. We will go through the paper in class tomorrow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Synthesis and Transformation 2

Enter the answers of your group's assigned questions in this form.

1. I saw the plight of the people who needed help. I decided to work as a social worker.
Having _______

2. I can wear the red dress to my best friend's party. I can also wear the green one.
__________ either of ___________

3. Many customers at this fitness centre like Yoga more than the other types of exercise.
_________ prefer _________________

4. His parents need to sign on the consent form so that he can participate in the competition.

5. "My sister accidentally threw her shopping list into the dustbin yesterday," said Nicholas.
Nicholas said__________

Peer Editing!

You need to access this document for your editing task!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weave a Story - still waiting...

Still waiting for the following pupils to submit your writing task posted in this link.

1 Jing Shen

2 Kean Sin

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vocabulary 6 to 10

Like the previous vocab exercise, you are to find out the meanings of 5 new words from the assigned vocab exercise. Do remember to give the meaning in context and the correct form.

Please take note that you will key in 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 for item 3 in the form!

Submit your words and their meaning here.

Thank you all for your prompt submissions.

Ahmad, Marianne, Ben and Jing Shen, please do so by today (7 July 11)

New Words (and their meanings) from EL Practice Paper 1

Here's the link to your earlier task.

Kean Sin, you will then have to fill in this form based on the 5 words assigned.

And to all, good job in submitting your responses on time. Now, choose any five new words and weave a paragraph with them here! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

P and P

Dear all, please read this article.

In your groups of 2 or 3, write a short paragraph with these words: Food, energy, Sun and plants. You are given 5 minutes.

Submit your response here.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Practice on whole numbers

You will find 10 questions on whole numbers in this link. We will discuss these questions on Tuesday (5 July 2011).
Remember your Anti-Drug booklet.