Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jonathan's picture composition - bus (unedited) Read and suggest a suitable title!

 There I lay, slumped down in the bus seat.  It was a tiring and exhausting day at school.  Unfortunately, it was not a happy one too.  First, I spilled coke onto my friend, next, I fell down and grazed my knee severely.  What could go worse?  I took out a book from my bag.  I decided to read it to occupy myself in this thirty-minute bus journey.
  Suddenly while being lost in my world of thoughts, the bus I was in swerved to the right without warning.  Chaos broke out.  The next few minutes were all spent on trying to protect myself.  As I hung on to a pole for my dear life, I witnessed an old woman being thrown off her seat.  She fell to the ground clutching her leg and screaming in agony.
 Her plastic bags were flung around.  Out flew many fruits.  People all around me, of course, including me, were screaming in terror.  What was this bus driver doing?  Was he crazy?  I also saw this Indian lady, cradling her baby.  She was hurt because she tried to protect her baby.  She was bleeding profusely from the head.  All I could think of was my own safety.  Unfortunately, it came to my turn.  My head banged against the pole I was clinging on to.
 Feeling dazed, my limp body dropped to the ground.  Due to the excruciating pain, I could not even manage a whimper, much less a scream in pain.  My vision became blur.  Instinctively, I slowly touched my head.  My head felt warm and wet.  Looking at my hand, I became utterly shocked!  I was bleeding!  That was what I thought, until l realized somebody had accidentally spilled warm ‘Bundung’ on my head.  This new ‘discovery’ made feel relieved.  Those few minutes felt like hours.
 Finally, the bus driver made a last swerve to the right.  Being tossed around like a ragdoll, I felt really bruised and felt as if someone had just continually punched me in the gut.  The last jerk on the bus told me that everything had finally ended.  People were all whimpering and squirming on the bus floor in pain.  The bus doors opened.  I stepped out, only to realize the bus driver had swerved to the left and right all because he wanted to avoid a thick and long python that was crossing the road!  Though I only had a few bruises and cuts, I controlled myself not to punch the bus driver.  He had caused elderly and passengers in the bus to be hurt!
 Seeing the state of passengers in the bus, I called the ambulance.  Just then, I saw a sedan run over the python.  The python immediately died.  What?! It died just like that? The bus driver should have run over the python!
 Waiting impatiently for the ambulance to come, I stamped my foot in exasperation, and shouted “Waah!” Although I was happy I survived, I felt angry at the bus driver. My shouts of anger echoed throughout the tunnel and bounced back to me. What an unlucky day that was for me!


  1. The title should be An Accident Because Of A Python

  2. By Gregory

    The title should be Misery caused by a Python

  3. An Unlucky Day
    By Xin Hui

  4. Wrath of a Python

  5. A bad day
    By Cai Leng

  6. All because of a Phython

  7. The Most Unlucky Day Ever
    Ng Wen Qi

  8. The unfortunate and unlucky day.

    Quah Kian Yang.

  9. Peh qian ling
    It should be called ' The most unforgettable experience ever' .

  10. The accident happened because of a snake.

  11. Horrible Day on the bus because of the python
    Marianne Lee Yi Lin

  12. Si En

    1. Python Luck
    2. Runovered
    3. Over a Python
    4. The Python And The Wheels

  13. The unnforgettable day!


  14. very well done composition i love it u can name it as Phyton in the way!