Friday, July 29, 2011

ST articles - More Bubbles!!!

Contributed by Xin Hui - Demand for new jets ( January-june 2011, Airbus)

Contributed by Ayisha - Loan Shark s now hunting in schools(little red dot)

Contributed by Celine - Jerusalem Captured

Contributed by Cai Leng - From sleepy village to bustling port

Contributed by Ivan - Door opens for generic versions as patents on brand-name drugs expire.

Contributed by Devesh

Contributed by Jonathan

Contributed by Maisarah

Thank you all for your bubbles. Well Done :)


  1. Cripes. I can't even fit Maisarah's whole bubble on my external LCD monitor without making it unreadable.

  2. Because it's to big. I wrote too much.

  3. Uhh... ok.

    *Note to self: ask her where she gets the time to do all that*