Sunday, July 17, 2011

Article - Prepare children for the future

Read this article on what the new Education Minister says about the foundation of education. Please cut out the full article In Sunday Times if you have the papers at home. We'll share our views tomorrow in class.

Answer the following questions in your complete sentences.

1. Why did 700 parents pack the hall?

2. Who Is Mr Heng Swee Keat?

3. Did the audience expect Mr Heng to be present? Which word and which 2-word phrase tell you so?

4. According to Mr Heng, what lay the foundation of everything?

5. In your own words, explain clearly why the value of resilience is important.

6. Explain why it is more and more important to be equipped with analytical skills.

7. In the last paragraph, what is next on Mr Heng's schedule?

8. What does 'education counterparts' mean?

Click here for the suggested answers.

Unscramble these words that are found in the article. Submit your answers in this form.

1. tryingeit
2. silireence
3. dweeklong
4. straptunerco
5. remains
6. slauve
7. mapsoonics
8. tailcanlay
9. muccurlrui
10. mumist
11. rangetintic
12. scenetimecop


  1. I think that ones future is very important and therefore, its is safer to start a one point by studying hard and entering a good Secondary school, but it doesn't mean that if you enter a good secondary school, your future will be a great one, therefore we students should work hard.

  2. I think that the future of someone is really important. Even though you got into a good secondary school, it doesn't mean that your future will be great. You still have to work harder to have a great future.

  3. Jonathan Yeo
    I feel that the educational system is really important. Without learning, people will not communicate well and will not learn about all the good values. Students like us must pesevere because now bacause the world is changing as when we grow up, surviving will be harder and who knows, we might face difficulties which are very hard to face.

  4. I think that we should always think of our future and be prepared for it, so we should start working hard now.

  5. I feel that education system is important because it it will prepare the children to face the future when they grow up. For a student to be ready for the future, he must first understands our history and has the right values. Second, he must have emotional skills and can interact with others as a team and last of all, he must think analytically and creative.I think that we should prepare for our future and start working hard now.

  6. I honoestly do not know how I fare in the three core values stated by Mr Heng as one can be modest or arrgorant. But I do know that I will strive harder to earn more moral values, be less lonely and not be easily irritable and be more creative in everything I do.


  7. Our future is as important as our own life . One must have good values to equip yourselve for the future . When a crisis come , those equipped well will most likely survive it

  8. I feel that the future is ours and we should start working hard when we are still young before we are old and wrinkled and could not study anymore. The values we possess is our own fortune. If we have intergrity,maybe more and more people may trust us to do things when we are older. Education is also our fortune as we could have a brighter future as we grew old,so i think that if we suffer hardship now,we may lead a better and more comfortable life next time.Thats why i think we should work hard and strive for good results now.

  9. I feel that nowadays many parents are very anxious of their children's future of being unprepared to face the future. Generally I think that values are very important. To make you become a better person, you need to possess the values of care and concern for others, intergrity and resilence. Also, students today cannot overcome hardship. All in all, we as the pupils must start working hard now to give ourselves a better future.
    Peh qian ling

  10. I feel that now a days, parents are very "kia su".
    Parents want their children to be the best and if the parents continue to be like that, their children will suffer. If parents can understand how their children feel and become anxious for their children's future,things might be different. I think that children should study when they are young, not when their brain degrade and it would be very hard to study. It's alright to suffer now but not in the future as it might be harder. Studying is for our own good, so study hard for a better future and a comfortable life.

  11. I think that we should always think of our future and be prepared for it, so we should start working hard now. Even though you get into a good secondary school, it doesn't mean that your future will be great. You still have to work harder to have a great future.


  12. I feel that we should be prepared for the future. I better prepare myself well. We choose the way how our future wii be. I better study hard now.

    Jonathan Yeo

  13. Ada
    i agree that education is important but discipline and attitude is also very can be smart but if your attitude sucks and you lack of discipline you might still go down the wrong path.

  14. Even though we might get into a good school, we still have to study hard and have our star values. Still, responsibility and self-discipline also play a very important role in self-studying and studying in school. However, if we get into a good school or earn bug bucks when we grow up, we still have to work hard or your teacher or boss might complain!

  15. Er, the one without name is mine, Gregory Ler.

  16. Matthias,
    I really feel i lack in resiliance.In future ,i must try to work harder.