Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Racial Harmony Day 21 July 2011

It is Racial Harmony Day tomorrow.

Come to school clad in traditional ethnic costume to commemorate this meaningful event!

We have been introduced to the use of sarong and the art of Chinese knots. You will be introduced to kolam tomorrow morning.

On this day, let's all be reminded that racial harmony does not come by easy and should not be taken for granted.

Share a personal experience that you have rendered or received kindness to/from a friend of another ethnic race.


  1. Is a european costume allowed?

  2. Are we suppose to wear PE attire or uniform if we do not have the costume?Do we bring our normal schoolbag?

  3. Do we bring a smaller bag or just our normal bag? And what time the lessons start?
    Ng Wen Qi

  4. Once have i ever helped a Indian child. He was lost in the store IKEA. When I asked him what happen, he just turned around and started crying
    I brought him to the Management Office where staff made an announcement over the PA system. I then went out and went in search of my parents


  5. Hello all, lessons as usual.

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