Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Composition (unedited) contributed by Devesh - The Eventful Bus Ride

"Yes, I'm on the new 36 bus service that takes me to Thomson Road now, I have the documents, don't worry," I panted. It was Friday and I was on the bus going to my office to deliver some documents to one of my clients.

Being a financial advisor is a very hectic job. You don't have regular work hours and you don't have a definite pay. You also have to go many places, which was why I was applying for a driver's license, as I hated the crowded public buses and thought that taxis were just too expensive.

Anyway, back to the bus. I was clutching my documents with both hands, something I should never have done but did anyway.

Suddenly, a little boy ran across the road which we were travelling on. The driver jammed on the brakes. Unfortunately, he had depressed the brake pedal too hard, causing the wheels to 'lock' and the bus to skid. It soon stopped, however, because the driver turned the steering wheel in the direction of the skid.

I almost fell, but at the last moment, I managed to grab a handlebar to steady myself. Others around me were not so lucky, however. One boy's head hit the metal rail and his books fell down, but he was otherwise okay. One lady had accidentally dropped the plastic bag she was holding and her groceries fell to the bus floor. I rushed to help her pick them up, but a schoolgirl beat me to it. It was then that I saw one of the most touching acts of kindness and wished everyone could be the same.

I did eventually deliver my documents -- against my better judgement, I hailed a taxi. With a steely determination to make my days of taking public transport history, I completed and passed my driving test and got my license. The next day, I had to meet a client -- and instead of rushing to the bus stop or taxi stand, I rushed to my previously-bought Suzuki Swift.

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