Monday, May 23, 2011

Maths problems sums - 23 May 2011

1. Rashid was driving from Town X to Town Y at a uniform speed while Nathan was driving from Town Y to Town X at a uniform speed of 84km/h. They started their journeys at different times.

1 1/2h after Rashid drove past Nathan, Rashid reached Town Y while Nathan was still 39 km away from Town X. If Rashid took 4 hours for the whole journey, what was the distance between Town X and Town Y? (5m)

2. The ratio of the volume of honey in Jar A to the volume of honey in Jar B was 1 : 3 at first. When 140 ml of honey was poured from Jar B into Jar A, the ratio of the volume of honey is Jar A to the volume of honey in Jar B became 3 : 2.
(a) What was the total volume of honey in Jar A and Jar B? (3m)
(b) What percentage of the total volume of honey was in Jar A at first? (2m)

3. A child ticket to a concert cost $12. An adult ticket cost 25% more than a child ticket. All tickets to the concert were sold and the total sales amounted to $3 300. If 60% of the tickets were sold to children, how many tickets were sold to adults? (5m)

4. Sarah bought some identical files and books. 2/7 of her money was spent on files and the rest on books. The cost of each file was 4/7 of the cost of each book. If she bought 42 files, how many books did she buy? (5m)

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