Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Follow up on "This is a lot of money"

Here is the consolidation of the class responses. Add in your comments.


  1. Ivan
    Johnathan, why was the person who thwarted the robber's plan angry?

    Gregory, what does this sentence mean?

    Wen Qi, thwart is a verb, using it this way in the sentence makes it a noun "a thwart"

  2. Gregory Ler

    Ivan, it meant that every trick that,lets say you,try to master from a book of magic and you cannot succeed. Cause its THWARTED!

    Wen Qi, what do you mean by," a thwart came"? It is like what Ivan said, a noun.

    Augustine, what do you mean by," I thwarted the mind of taking drugs" I cannot understand the meaning from this sentence.

    Remember, this is from