Friday, July 22, 2016

APBL Day 2: Our consolidated Learning Issues

1.     In what ways can a child care for the environment?

2.     How to raise the awareness of people around us on               environmental issues?

3.     What can we do so that we will reduce our carbon                   footprint? What is carbon footprint?

4.     What is Global Warming? How does it affect us? What            happens to Earth during Global Warming? How can we slow down Global Warming?

5.     How can businesses help to stop global warming?

6.     How is garbage treated and where do they go to? How can people stop throwing their garbage into landfills and start recycling?

7.     How is garbage treated in Singapore?

8.      We can have strength in numbers. How can we raise              awareness to get people to do the 3 R's? What are 3Rs?


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