Thursday, July 21, 2016

APBL Day 2

Problem Recap

10-year old Louis is the recycling champion in his class. He makes a conscious effort in his daily life to make sure his actions do not harm the earth. For example, he recycles a lot of his trash at home.  Instead of using plastic bags, he uses his own recycling bag when he buys things from the supermarket. When buying food from a hawker, he brings his own lunch box to pack his food instead of the styrofoam box or plastic container used by the hawker.

One day, Louis and Tom were at a restaurant having lunch. The waiter served his lemonade with a straw. This set him thinking.

Louis: Hey Tom, I did not ask for a straw. Why did the waiter give me a straw? Hmmm… See everyone else receives it too without even asking for it.

Tom: Well, isn’t that great? It’s good service.

Louis: But I don’t need it. This is creating unnecessary trash… I am sure this is not the only restaurant that serves drinks with straws together. Do you know that over 500 million straws are being disposed of every day? That adds up to about 9,300 large buses full of disposable straws?

Tom: Wow! Now that you tell me this, I am both amazed and shocked.

Louis and Tom wanted to find ways to reduce trash and improve the ways people handle the trash we produce. What can we do to care for the environment? 

What we did yesterday:

Facts (Consolidated as a Class)
Idea generation (Consolidated as a class)
      1.     10 year old Louise
      2.     recycling champion
      3.     recycles a lot of trash at home
      4.     makes a conscious effort in his daily life not to harm the earth
      5.     Louis and Tom were at a restaurant having lunch.
      6.     the waiter served his lemonade with a straw and set Louis thinking.
      7.     uses his own recycling bags/container
      8.     500 million straws were wasted in a day
      9.     the straws can be filled in 9,300 large buses
1.   Louis is young but cares about the environment
2.   Louis is very concerned about the environment such that his teacher took notice and made him the recycling champion
3.   Louis is responsible.
4.   His actions can slow down Global Warming.
5.   Caring for the earth is not only the adult's job.
6.   Suggest to the restaurant staff not to use plastic straws.
7.   Finding a space in the landfill will be very expensive.
8.   The straws are made out of plastic which can be recycled into useful things?
9.   He is determined to save the Earth by recycling.

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