Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are these sentences?

Why are the following not sentences? Can you change them into complete sentences?

1. The old dark brown coin that was nestled inside a knotted handkerchief.

2. The old dark brown coin inside the handkerchief.

3. The sight of the coin that her son brought to her.

4. An old dark brown coin that the writer's son had come across when he was rummaging through boxes and bags.

5.The coin that was given by the old woman which was special.

6. The coin one of her sons wanted to have.

7.The coin that an old woman gave her.

8. An old dark brown coin nestled inside a knotted handkerchief which was rummaged through the boxes and bags by one of her sons.

9. The hot and blistering heat and the beggars.

10. The climate, sandstorms and the beggar in the street.

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