Monday, April 4, 2011

Word Problems 4 April 2011

1. Three bags have an average mass of 1.6 kg. Bag A is 0.4 kg heavier than Bag B and Bag B is half as heavy as Bag C. What is the mass of Bag B? (3m)

2. The ratio of the amount of water in Tank X to the amount of water in Tank Y is
1 : 4. When 35ℓ of water was transferred from Tank X to Tank Y, the new ratio became 1 : 9. How much water was in Tank Y at first? (3m)

3. At the beginning of a singing competition, there was an equal number of male and female contestants. After 25 male contestants and 61 female contestants were not selected, the ratio of the remaining male to female contestants became 11 : 7. How many contestants were there in the beginning? (3m)

4. A fruit seller had 480 pears and oranges for sale. 45% of them were pears and the rest were oranges. He then bought some more pears and the percentage of pears increased to 60%. How many pears did he buy? (3m)

5. There were 90 marbles in 3 bags, P, Q and R. Jevon moved 6 marbles from Bag P to Bag Q and 5 marbles from Bag Q to Bag R. He then moved 8 marbles from Bag R to Bag P. There were an equal number of marbles in each bag in the end. How many marbles were there in Bag Q at first? (4m)

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