Thursday, April 21, 2011


Please complete the following problems on a piece of foolscap paper.

1. Calvin and Tom left Singapore and drove a distance of 140 km to reach Mersing. Calvin started his journey at 12 50 and drove at anverage speed of 56km/h. Tom started his journey half an hour later and drove along the same raod. Both of them arrived in Mersing at the same time. What was Tom's speed?

2. At 6 am, Roy and Sally left Town A for Town B along the same road. When Sally arrived at Town B at 8 am, Roy had just completed 3/4 of the whole journey. Roy travelled at an average speed of 30km/h less than Sally.
a) Find the distance between the two towns.
b) Find the average speed of Sally.

3. Sam drove from Town A to Town B at a speed of 50km/h. John drove from Town B to Town A along the same road at a speed of 70 km/h. Both of them started their journey at 10am. If the distance between Town A and Town B was 360km, at what time would they pass each other?

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