Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Answers to Post-reading test (The Straits Times Articles 22.2.2011)

The Screams are back at Universal Studios (7m)

1. Why was Battlestar suspended for 11 months? (4m)

A seat of Battlestar had detached from one of the vehicles (1m) during routine testing before it opened for the day. Cracks were found in a crucial welded component (1m), caused by stress and vibration from the high speed ride. The ride was suspended for 11 months for investigations to be carried out (1m). Resigning, reassembly and testing (1m) also took place to fix the problem.

2. Describe how the theme park was like during the 11 months. (2m)

It was quieter / relatively quieter (1m). There were no huge cheers of joy or shouts of fear from those trying out the other attractions. (1m)

3. Which three-word phrase in the article means the body's naturally reaction to a highly exciting, dangerous or threatening situation? (1m)

The phrase is 'the adrenaline rush'. (1m)

Philippine volcano spews ash, sending hundreds fleeing (3m)Fill in the blanks with the words found in the above article.

The earthquake struck without warning. There were no signs of an (4) imminent earthquake and when it occurred, the authorities did not have enough time to (5) evacuate the residents to safety. Many were panic-stricken and (6) scrambled out of their tumbling houses in terror. So far, no death has been reported.

Man head-butted and stamped on toddler (7m)Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

7. State in details how Mohd Azhar Ghapar physically abused the toddler? (4m)

He head-butted the toddler (1m) twice within three days. He also stepped on her stomach (1m), breaking her ribs. He pinched her cheeks.(1m) He slapped her face.(1m)

8. How do you think the toddler's mother felt about the whole incident? Why do you say so? (3m)

Free expression:
Appropriate feeling towards the incident (1m)
Supporting reasons (2m – ½ m for each relevant point)

NSF gets 18 months' probation for underage sex (3m)Complete the following sentences.

9. In Singapore, it is illegal to have sex with underage girls. (1m)

10. In his probation, the NSman had to
a) do 100 hours of community service. (1m)

b) remain indoors between 10 pm and 6 am. (1m)

Lewd proposals: Jail Term upheld for ex-teacher (3m)

11. When did the offence take place?
The offence took place between 2008 and May 2009. (1m)

12. When was the ex-teacher given the 10-month jail term?
He was given the 10-month jail term in 21 February 2011.(1m)

13. Was the teacher sentenced immediately after committing the offence?
No, it was not. (1m)


  1. Q13.the answer is no, HE was not and not no, IT was not

  2. Yes, thanks for the corrections.
    13. No, he was not.