Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maths 2 (22 March 2011)

1. The ratio of the number of cars to lorries to motorbikes found in a car park is
5 : 2 : 4. If there is a total of 864 wheels, find the number of motorbikes found in the car park.

2. At a multi-storey car park, there were cars, motorbikes and tricycles in the ratio 3 : 5 : 2. If there were a total of 840 wheels, find the number of cars parked at the multi-storey car park.

3. A sum of $705 is to be divided among a number of adults and children. Each adult receives $6 each, each boy receives $5 and each girl receives $4. If the ratio of adults to boys to girls is
2 : 3 : 5, how many more girls than boys are there?

4. Mdm Tan’s shop sold plates and cups. The ratio of the price of a plate to that of a cup was 3 : 2. The price of a plate was $3 more than that of a cup. Mdm Tan sold 4/7 of the items in the first month and collected $2850 from the sales. The ratio of the number of plates sold to the number of cups sold was 3 : 5.
(c) Find the total number of plates sold in the first month.
(d) Find the total number of items left after the first month.

5. A volleyball costs 440. A basketball costs $10 more. School XYZ paid $2100 for some volleyball and basketballs. The ratio of the volleyballs to the basketballs bought by the school was 5 : 3.
(a) How many basketballs did the school buy?
(b) How much more money did he spend on the volleyballs than basketballs?

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