Monday, March 7, 2011

SW - My Holiday Planner

Dear Ali

This is the busiest one-week school holiday I have ever had. I cannot believe I have survived it.

The holiday started off with celebrating Dad's birthday at East Coast Park where we had a blast cycling and swimming (1m). On Tuesday, I helped to polish Dad's car and felt great about it. (1m)

I took my swimming test on Wednesday. I had to go to the pool half an hour earlier for the warm-up before the test. The following day, I took my Grade 6 Piano Test. For both the swimming and Piano tests, I had to attend practices (1m)(1m) to prepare myself for both tests. My last martial arts lesson almost drained me to death as I had an extra hour to make up for last week's absence. (1m)

I felt extremely bored (1m) when doing my homework because that took away a large portion of my playtime.

It was a very busy week. A fruitful one too.

Sincerely yours
Sincerely is spelt like this. SINCERELY
All those who used this word have spelt it with a missing letter 'e'!

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