Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Singapore Kindness Movement Poems (unedited)

Opportunities for kindness everywhere,
Opportunities for you to share.
A simple act of giving up a seat,
Or helping someone who has weak feet.
Just giving someone his right of way
Will really brighten up YOUR day!
Yes! You will really be surprised.
If you are kind, YOUR happiness will rise!

The sweetness flows through your veins
When you have done a kind deed
You will feel happier
and the sweetness will appear

Thank you to all those that have helped me
Forever I will be thanking
Hopes and dreams flow within
Thank you Madam Toh for teaching me

A kind deed
Is all someone needs.
It will surely light up
one's day.
Let's say he is happy or sad,
Let's not make him feel bad.

Let's not be proud,
So let's shout out loud,
Without a doubt,
Let's make people happy,
better not make it sound crappy,
Let's not be like swines,
Instead be like dimes,
Let's shine,
And it we do these,
We will have a great great time!

You can show your sweetest kindness to everybody.
Even to those who are vehemently standing in your way.
But under no circumstances
Must you surrender to their way.

To make oneself happy,
Is to help others kindly.
Helping others will,
Change your mood to happy.
I have helped others before,
Have you?
What I did was,
To help kids who were lost.
Help their mothers find their lost kids,
And I would be happy!
~Wen Xuan~

Do a kind deed to day and you'll never forget what you say.
You can show it to anyone,
Including those in your way
So if you see someone in need,
Never stop to give and give.
~Jae Shin~

The joy we get from helping others is priceless.
The heart wanting to help is natural.
Never expect kindness
For kindness is often shown at unexpected times.

Kindness can be shown in many ways,s up
A lovely flower or a batchof cookies,
A smile of a friendly wave.
You might be feeling blue
But your face lights up
When you are offered a smile.
So, go on and get kindness moving!

To those who helped me when
I was down
To those who helped me take
away my frown
Thank you all who have
helped me
So that I can be happy
To those who always lend a helping hand
Make sure your helpfulness never ends
~Kean Sin~

Kindness is not only about what you say
It is about doing something good today.
A friend in need?
Do a kind deed.
Help everyone or anyone
It is good even if it's just one
Help someone today
And it will brighten your day
So do a kind deed!
Don't be a bad seed!
~Kyan Tan~

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