Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maths Problems 30 March 2011

1. In January, Peter spent $250 of his salary and saved the rest. In February, he increased his spendings by 20% and his savings decreased by 40%. How much did he save in February?

2. Mr Tan spent some money on 35 notebooks. He spent the same amount of money on another 29 pens. Each pen cost $1.75. How much did Mr Tan spend on a notebook?

3. Mrs Chia baked 120 beef pies and chicken pies. After she gave away 1/4 of the beef pies and 2/5 of the chicken pies, she was left with 30 beef pies. How many chicken pies had she left?

4. Amanda, Brett and Nick packed their luggage for a holiday. Amanda’s luggage weighed y kg. Nick’s luggage weighed 7 kg more than Amanda’s luggage. Brett’s luggage was twice as heavy as Amanda’s.
(a) Express the mass of Nick’s luggage in terms of y.
(b) If y = 5, find the total mass of their 3 luggage.

5. The ratio of the number of yellow marbles to the total number of green and red marbles was 7 : 13. 40% of the marbles were red marbles. After throwing away 65 red marbles that were chipped, 20% of the remaining marbles were red. How many marbles were there left if another 24 green marbles were found to be chipped and thrown away?

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