Monday, March 21, 2011

Maths Problem sums 21 March 2011

Copy / print and paste the questions. The maximum score for this exercise is 13 marks. (0.83 of 13 = 10.79)

1. The mass of 2 similar metal balls and 3 similar clay pots is 10 kg. If the mass of each clay pot is 0.3 kg more than that of a metal ball, find the mass of each clay pot. (3m)

2. There are 3 bamboo poles, A, B and C. Pole A is 192.5 cm, Pole B is 1m 45 cm longer than Pole A. Pole C is twice the total length of Poles A and B.
(a) Find the total length of the 3 bamboo poles. (2m)
(b) Find the average length of the 3 poles. (1m)

3.Mr Tay planted some trees in two straight rows. Each tree was 2.5 m away from the next. There were 10 trees in the first row.

(a) What was the distance between the first and the 10th tree in the first row? (1m)

(b) In the second row, the distance from the first to the last tree was 157.5 m. How many more trees did he plant in the second than the first row? (2m)

4. Mrs Chan went shopping with $102. This amount was just enough to buy 4 T-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts. However, she decided to buy 2 T-shirts and 5 pairs of shorts instead and had $15 left. Find the cost of 1 pair of shorts. (4m)

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