Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1m and 2m Maths questions (Calculators not allowed)

Questions 1 to 10 carry 1 mark each.
Questions 11 to 15 carry 2 mark each.

1. What is the value of the digit ‘2’ in 19.826?

2. A packet containing less than 80 pens can be shared equally among 4 boys or 8 girls. What is the maximum number of pens the packet could contain?

3. The mass of a parcel was recorded as 3.4 kg, rounded off to 1 decimal place. If it weighed less than 3.4 kg and has 2 decimal places, write down a possible mass of the parcel.

4. Find the sum of all the factors of 26.

5. A movie marathon started at and ended at the next day. How long was the movie marathon in hours and minutes?

6. Irfan has thrice as much money as Don. If Irfan gives Don $45, he will have the same amount of money as Don. How much money does Irfan have?

7. A cuboid measuring 12 cm by 9 cm by 2 cm has the same volume as a cube. Find the length of the cube.

8. The average of 4 numbers is 15. If the average of 3 of them is 18,
what is the fourth number?

9. The sum of the page numbers of two facing pages in a magazine is 73.  What are these two page numbers?                           

10. What is the smallest number that can be divided by both 5 and 17 without any remainder?         

11. Kaiwei has 7 litres of paint to paint 10 doors. 3/4   of paint is needed to paint a door completely.  What fraction of a door will not be painted?

12. 4 similar cups and 3 similar teapots cost $71 altogether. Each cup cost $5 less than each teapot. What was the cost of each teapot?

13. At first Alvin had twice as many trading cards as Steven. After Alvin had given away 285 of his trading cards, Steven had twice as many trading cards as Alvin. How many trading cards did they have altogether at first?

14. Paula baked 18 more fruit cakes than chocolate cakes. After giving away 35 cakes of each type, the number of chocolate cakes became 75% of the number of fruit cakes. How many chocolate cakes had she left?  

15. Mrs Young drove at 60 km/h for 45 minutes.  She rested for 15 minutes and continued  the rest of the journey for another hour at 80 km/h.  What was her average speed for the whole journey?


  1. Answers
    1. 0.02 or 2/100 or 1/50
    2. The maximum number of pens the packet could contain is 72.
    3. Possible mass of the parcel: 3.35kg, 3,36kg, 3.37kg. 3.38kg or 3.39kg
    4. The sum of all the factors of 26 is 42.
    5. The movie marathon was 8h 5mins long.
    6. Irfan has $135 at first.
    7. The length of the cube is 6cm.
    8. The fourth number is 6.
    9. These two page numbers are 36 and 37.
    10. The number is 85.
    11. 1/15 of a door will not be painted.
    12. The cost of each teapot was $13.
    13. They had 570 trading cards at first.
    14. She had 6 chocolate cakes left.
    15. Her average speed was 62.5km/h

  2. Corrections
    11. 14/15 of a door will not be painted.

  3. For q14, me and my mother get 54... and I know this is from ACS, and I checked their answer key, also says 54.

  4. I agree with Devesh.Is that the answer is 54?