Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3m maths Questions

1.         Tim and Jonathan can paint a room in 2 h together. If Tim is painting the room alone, he can only complete the task in 6 h. How long will Jonathan take to paint a room all by himself?

2.         Lu Lu Garments imported T-shirts from overseas and sorted them into 3 different colours. 3/7 of the T-shirts were red and 2/5 of the T-shirts were green. The rest of the T-shirts were yellow. There were 912 more green T-shirts than yellow T-shirts. How many green T-shirts were imported?

3.         Mr Lee bought some T-shirts for $425. If he was given a discount of 15%, he would be able to buy 5 more identical T-shirts for the same amount of money. What was the original price of each T-shirt?

4.                  The price of one tuna bun from Sunshine Bakery is 70 cents.  When a customer buys 5 tuna buns, he can buy one more at 30 cents.  What is the greatest number of tuna buns that a customer can buy with $28?        


  1. Answers
    1. Jonathan will take 3 hours.
    2. 1596 T-shirts were imported.
    3. The original price was $.
    4. The greatest number of tuna buns a customer can buy is 44.

  2. The original price was $?