Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maths - 5m

1. The Channel Boutique sold a dress for $585. This was 117% of the price of a similar dress in Chloe Boutique. During a sale, both stores offered the same percentage discount on the dress. Christine bought the dress in Chloe Boutique and found that she paid $68 less than the discounted price in Channel Boutique.

(a) Find the price of the dress in Chloe Boutique before the sale.
(b) What is the percentage discount given during the sale?

2. Van A takes 12 hours to deliver a parcel from Town X to Town Y. Van B takes 14 hours to deliver the parcel along the same route. Van A moves at a speed 14 km/h faster than Van B. Find the speed of Van A.

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