Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you agree with this parent?

Hey all, this letter written by a parent to the Straits Times forum concerns you!

Do you agree with him?

Are you able to solve the Maths problem he mentioned in the letter?

I am interested to hear from you.


  1. Yes,I do agree with this parent.The teachers who are setting such a question,I think they have this mentalily that who sets the paper harder.Therefore,they are giving such questions which a Primary 6 student was not able to think in limited time and causing her marks to be low.

  2. No, I do not agree with this parent. The teacher sets questions that we have already learnt through out these six years.
    I am able to solve the math problem given by the parent.

  3. Yes, I agree with this parent. Students who did not know how to do a Math question in examination, tend to be very nervous and kept thinking about a solution. But, they often end up leaving the questions blank and got discouraged.

    Kian Yang

  4. I totally agree with this parent as sometimes pupils need more time to think of the equation within a short period of time. Teachers had learnt how to do with equation but students have not. Thus, students need more time to think and work the sums out.

  5. Yes, I agree with what he is saying but I am able to solve the question. Teachers should really set the exam papers easier. :)

    Chow Ming Quan

  6. I do not agree with this parent because this question is set to test us using the skills taught to us. It may not be simmilar but it may just be the way they twist the words to confuse us. I am able to solve the math problem given.

  7. Peh Qian Ling
    I do not agree with this parent because it is very normal to be encountering a hard math paper. I think that in these 6 years, we have learnt enough stategies to solve them. In primary 6, I think that it is time to show all the skills you have learnt after you have consolidate them.
    I am able to solve the question.

  8. I do not agree with this parent as the teachers in schools can teach us many many ways and strategy to answer and cope with difficult maths questions but the thing is whether we understand.

  9. I agree.I need to think about how to solve the problems but teachers do not need to think so much.


  10. I do not agree. Even though the question given by the parent is difficult, the p6 student can surely learn how to do it even if he does not understand it at first. Anyway, a primary 6 student in one way or another would definitely encounter another Mathematics quetion which will be harder than this one given by the parent.
    Jonathan Yeo

  11. I do not agree as this question just requires a bit of hard thinking.I feel that at this time of the year,p6 students must be already prepared to tackle any questions.Also,if the student had practiced enough,he should be able to solve it.Given that we have learnt so many strategies to solving mathematics problems,this should be no problem for a p6 student at all

  12. No, i do not agree with that parent this question might be difficult at first glance but it is actually quite easy. if she had paid more attention to her teacher during lesson I am sure she could solve the problem without equation in less than 4 minutes. I think the answer is 4115 berwyn

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  14. Hmmm,i should say i do not agree with the parent. A teacher sets the paper according to what the standards of the pupils are and not trying to make difficult for them. Some teachers would had done the same paper,to check the difficulty, before they gave the papers to them. Personally,i think the parents should not say that about the teachers as they are not that bad...
    Maths question
    9876/3= 3292
    3292/2= 1646
    1646 x 3=4938
    Is that the correct answer?I'm not too sure...

  15. Yeah, I am somewhat in between the 'yes' and 'no' part. I myself am trained in using algebra to solve questions but I can only get the answer after the second try. To me, the question is really tough. But 5 minutes really is too short.

  16. I agree and also do not agree. I agree because when we face difficult questions, we will study hard and learn how to solve it. But then, if we can get it right, we may boast and think too highly of ourselves.


  17. No,i do not agree with this parent.Difficult questions are set to challenge students and also test if they have made progress through out the year.these questions are set at different stages of difficulties to match our age and years of knowledge.we cannot stick to the same kind of questions.

  18. No,i do not agree with this parent. Because when there is hard questions tend to let pupils put on their thinking caps

  19. YES! Finally, someone understands the predicament P6 students islandwide are in!

    Anyway, my comment will most likely be deleted if it carries no purpose so I'll just go ahead and share my answer to the question stated:

    9876 ÷ 3 = 3292 chairs in each hall at the end
    3292 ÷ 2 = 1646 chairs were transferred from 2nd hall to 3rd hall (1/3 of chairs in second hall after transfer from first to second)

    no. of chairs in hall 2 after 1st transfer = 1646 * 3 = 4938

    Recall that 1st hall had 3292 chairs after transfers, which is 4/5 of original no. of chairs, so:
    3292 ÷ 4 = 823 chairs transferred from hall 1 to hall 2

    4938 - 823 = 4115 chairs in hall 2 originally

    Armed with a calculator, yes, I would be able to solve this sum in under 5 minutes.

  20. OK, after browsing some local forums, turns out 4115 is the right answer. Yay!

  21. No, I don't agree with this parent. This question is set to test us if we had paid attention in class while the teacher is teaching or not. There are also questions that are set by the setter to let us use different types of strategies and ways to get the answer. Therefore, these questions have to a little harder than the rest.

  22. Ng Wen Qi
    I think that the problem sum is not as hard as what the parent expressed. But, I think that the question is a little bit harder than usual. Nevertheless, all questions that are set on the examination paper are taught by their teachers. I was also able to solve the sum after some time.
    The answer is : 4115

  23. I sort of agree with the parent but i think that it depends on the question given. Teachers often give harder questions hoping to help the students improve. But i personally think the questions set should be what we have learnt and everyone will know.some studebts might have encountered these questions before in their tuition class but some may not.

  24. Bhairavi BuddhamurthySeptember 9, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    I personally agree with the parents that the examination papers these days are somewhat tricky but I'm sure the teachers want us to be prepared for the worst situation.Some may find this question easy while other find it difficult.I was told by an anonymous person(I cannot mention the name) that such papers are set as they want to test our intelligence and if we cannot excel in that paper, than we are just kicked aside to go to a lower standard.I can understand the teachers situation as the people are Singapore's only resource and so only the best ones, those who can excel, would be able to go to a higher level and help Singapore to grow in future.However, I also feel that such things are extremely unfair to the students as they do not excel not because they are dumb, but because they need more time. So i definitely feel that teachers should put themselves in their students' shoes and set the papers according to their standards.Though they may have been taught the strategies and methods of a particular sum, students do need quite some time to digest and absorb them.

  25. I agree with this parent but it should be no problem to sloving the question in 5 minutes as questions like this would have been though by the teachers in yhe primary 6 so it must not be a problem solving them.
    The answer is 4115.

  26. Yes I agree.... We spent 6 years of studying just to do a few hours of paper. Although i feel that even though the question is tough, it is a challenge for everyone which will make one go further in life

  27. No, I do not agree with this parent as we had 6 years of learning already so even if we encounter a hard question, we should be able to solve it. Teachers give us hard questions so we will be able to be exposed to different questions and learn from our mistakes(if we have any). I am able to solve the question. My answer is 4115.