Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2m Maths Questions (Calculators allowed)

1. Fatimah bought a book and 5 identical pens for  $7r.  The book cost $5 more than a pen. 
(a) Express the price of a pen in terms of r.
(b) If  r = 2, find the cost of 2 such pens.

2. 63% of the students in a school were boys.  When 23 more girls joined the school, the number of girls became 356.  How many students were there at first?

3. The ratio of the length of a rectangle to its breadth is  4 : 1.  If the area of the rectangle is 196 cm2, what is its length?

4. The area of a rectangle is 162 m2. The breadth of the rectangle is more than 6 m. The length is twice of the breadth. Both the length and the breadth are whole numbers. What is the length of the rectangle?

5. Mr Han bought 34 belts. He sold half of them at $23 each and the rest at $21.50 each. What was the average price of the 34 belts?

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  1. Answers
    1. a) The price of a pen was $(7r-5)/6
    b) The cost of 2 pens was $3.
    2. There were 900 students at first.
    3. Its length is 28 cm.
    4. The length of the rectangle is 18 m.
    5. The average price of the belts was $22.25.