Monday, September 19, 2011

SWs 5, 6 and 8

SW5 - Money Fair $ingapore

Dear Uncle

Monetary Agency of Singapore will be organising Money Fair Singapore at World Trade Centre Expo Hall 2 from 2 to 10 September 2008 (1m) to commemorate its 20th anniversary (1m). The admission to this event is free and the opening hours are 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 10 pm on weekends (1m). Two main of attractions visitors could expect are Spot the counterfeit from the real one (1m) and purchase one 25cm uncut sheet of $2 notes (1m). I think you will be very excited (1m) about the Money Fair. Do attend this event with my family!

Your nephew

SW6 - Camping on Pulau Ubin

Dear Paul

I am wondering if you would be keen to join me to a camping trip organised by the Trekking Club. The camp will be held on Pulau Ubin, North Beach campsite (1m) from 7 November 2008 to 9 November 2008 (1m). Each participant has to pay $20 (1m) which includes food and drinks. We can call Kenny at 6 885 0789 (1m) to make reservations for the camp. We have to bring along a sleeping bag, a raincoat, (1m)mosquito repellent and a torch (1m) for the camp.

Your best friend

SW8 - Greenfield Primary School Adventure Camp

Primary 6 Adventure Camp

The Primary 6 Adventure Camp was recently held from 10 June 2008 to 12 June 2008 (1m) at Camp Stardust (1m). There were a total of 100 participants (1m) . During the camp, participants were given a map and a compass (1m) to help them in their Expeditionary Learning. At the campfire, they cooked their own dinner at the barbeque pit (1m). They also learnt how to canoe and had an unforgettable experience (1m) about it.

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