Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5m Maths Questions

1.         A rectangular tank with a base area of 500 cm2 and a height of 12 cm contains some water. When some identical cubes are put into it, it becomes 5/6  filled. Each identical cube has sides of 5 cm. He then removes all the cubes and the tank is 2/3 filled with water only.

(a)               What is the volume of water in the tank? (1m)

(b)               How many cubes has he put into the tank at first? (4m)

2.         Jason, Edward and Sam had a total of $837. Jason had the least amount of money. The ratio of Edward’s money to Sam’s money was 4 : 3 at first. Jason and Edward each spent 1/3 of their money. Given that the three boys had $648 left, how much did Jason have at first?

3.         In a village, 2/7 of the men and 80% of the women keep long hair.  The number of people with short hair is 5600 and 12.5% of the people with short hair are women.
            (a)  How many people in the village keep long hair?  (4m)
            (b)  What percentage of the people in the village keep long hair? 
      (Give your answer correct to 1 decimal place.) (1m)

4.         At , Hassan left Town X for Town Y driving at a speed of 70 km/h throughout his journey.  At , Wong left Town X and drove at a constant speed along the same route as Hassan.  Wong took 6 hours to catch up with Hassan.  Wong reached Town Y at
(a)  What was Wong’s driving speed? (3m)
(b)  Find the distance between Town X and Town Y. (1m)
(c)  At what time did Hassan reach Town Y? (1m)


  1. Answers
    1 a) 4000 cubic centimetres
    b) 8
    2 $207
    3 a) 4760
    b) 45.9%

  2. Answers
    4 a) 87.5 km/h
    b) 780km

  3. For qn 4, both me and my mother get 700km for b)... and where is the answer for 4c)?

  4. Yes,I get the same as yours (Devesh)