Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maths Questions (4m)

1. Mr Yeo bought 4 times as many spoons as bowls and spent $495 in total.
He spent $15 more on the bowls than on the spoons.
If a bowl cost $6.50 more than a spoon, what was the cost of a spoon ?

2. A car took 5 hours to travel from Town A to Town B while a bus took
4 hours longer to travel from Town B to Town A. 
Both vehicles set off at the same time and moved towards each other.
Two hours later, they were 255 km apart. What was the speed of the bus ?


  1. I have two questions that I do not know so I hoped that you will help me.

    Question 1: 1/4x5 + 1/5x6 + 1/6x7 +... + 1/48x49 + 1/49x50 =_______________

    What is the missing number in the blank?

    Question 2: Mrs Jones earned 15 percent from the sale of a diamond ring and 20 percent from the sale of a diamond bracelet. Her total earnings for both items was $195. She also sold a similar bracelet at a discount of 10 percent off the selling price of the first bracelet. The total amount earned for the three items was $243. Find the cost price of the ring.

    This is the two question so please help me.

  2. Guys help me with this question:

    Matthew, Joanne and Paul ran in a race. When Matthew reached the finishing line in 10 minutes, Joanne had only run 5/8 of the distance. Her average running speed is 7.5m/min slower than Matthew's speed. When she completed the race, Paul was still 72m behind her.

    a) What was Matthew's average running speed in km/h?

    b) What was Paul's average running speed in m/min?

  3. @My name is Keane

    Are the answers:
    1) 0.9km/hr

    Take Matthew's speed as u. Joanne is u-7.5. Distance travelled by Matthew is 10u. By Joanne is 7.5u-75m

    The difference of 75m travelled by them is also equal 3p of the whole distance (as Joanne travelled 5/8th)

    So 3p=75m

    Total distance is 10p = 150m.
    Mathew's speed is - 15m/min which is 0.9km/hr

    b) Joanne's speed is 7.5m/min. She took 20 mins to complete the race. In 20 min - Paul ran 150m-72m = 78m.

    So his speed is 78m/20min =3.9m/min.

    Makes sense?

  4. @Augustine

    2)Lets say cost price of Bracelet is 100%b and of ring is 100%r. Sale price of first bracelet is 120%b. Sale price of 2nd bracelet is 90% of 120%b =108%b.

    We know earning(=profit =sale price-costprice) from 2nd diamond bracelet is $48 ($243-$195).

    If sale price is 108%b and cost price is 100%b - then profit is 8%. 8% = $48
    100% = $600.
    Cost price of bracelet is $600.
    Sale price = 120% of $600 = $720
    So earning from bracelet =$120.

    We know earnings from bracelet + ring is =$195.

    So earnings from ring alone = $75

    We also know ring was sold at 115% - therefore earning in % is 15%

    15% = $75
    100% = $500

    Cost price of ring was $500.

  5. @MY name is Keane

    Erata : " Distance travelled by Matthew is 10u. By Joanne is 7.5u-75m"

    Should read

    Distance travelled by Matthew is 10u. By Joanne is 10u-75m - 10(u-7.5) expanded. The 10 comes from 10mins

  6. @MY name is Keane

    There are some errors in the solution suggested to your problem sum .

    So 3p=75m


    Total distance is 8p (not 10p) = 120m.
    Mathew's speed is - 12m/min which is 0.72km/hr