Monday, September 12, 2011

To do list

You need to do the following for today.

1. Draft 2 of your latest CW (Please ensure there's significamt improvement from Draft 1)

2.  Get your parent(s) to sign Maths Prelim papers.

3. Check MConline email for Casuarina answers.

4. Check MConline email for Spring Paper 1.

5. Complete S and T 10.

6. The answers for all Maths posts (1m to 5m math problems) are released as comments. Please check. Let me know the questions that we have to discuss in class here.

7. Get parent(s) to acknowledge letter on PSLE Matters. Return the form tomorrow.


  1. Is Spring supposed to be a hint at North Spring Primary? What about casuarina - a flower or a school in Pasir Ris?

  2. Mdm Toh,

    I cannot see the answers from Q.6 onwards for Casuarina answers. Can you please send me the link one more time? Thank you very much.

    Kian Yang