Monday, August 29, 2011

5m qns

1. John had $700 in his bank. With this money, he donated $4 a day to charity. His sister, Mary, too donated 1/5 of her $5 daily allowance to the charity and she saved the rest. If both of them started the donation drive on the same day, how long would it be before John had 2/3 as much money as the amount Mary saved?

2. Mrs Lim’s son helped her to type the page numbers of her new story book. He noticed that different pages required different numbers of digits. He counted that there were a total of 675 digits. How many pages were there in the story book?

3.  Citrine bought twice as many pencils as notebooks and spent a total of $53.60. She spent $2.40 more on the notebooks than the pencils. Given that a notebook costs $1.90 more than a pencil, find the cost of a pencil.

4. Candle A and candle B are of the same length. Candle A , which is broader, can burn for 5 h while Candle B, the thinner candle , can burn for 4 h. If both candles are lighted at the same time, how long does it take for Candle A to be twice as long left as Candle B?


  1. Answers:
    Q1. 105 days
    Q2. 261 pages
    Q3. $1.60
    Q4. 3h 20min

  2. I do not know how to questions 4 and 5

  3. Help! I cannot do all the ques.! Can someone explain?

  4. Sry i typed wrongly,i noe how to do all except question 2

  5. @Leona: then how to do?

  6. How to do question number 2?