Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr Bean's Crash - First 10 Bubbls! and 3 more!

These are the bubbls created on this Rowan Atkinson's accident. Thank you for your wonderful effort!

Whose bubbl do you like best? Tell us why! Be prepared for a surprise test!

First Bubbl by Cai Leng

Second bubbl by Celine

Third bubbl by Jonathan

Fourth bubbl by Matthias

Fifth bubbl by Jin Kang

Sixth bubbl by Jacques

Seventh bubbl by Ayisha

Eighth bubbl by Devesh

Nineth bubbl by Shimin

Tenth bubbl by Jia Wei

Eleventh bubbl by Leona

Twelfth bubbl by Ada

Thirteenth bubbl by Gregory


  1. I like Matthias's bubbl as it is really precise and after I read it once, I know what had happened to Rowan Aktingston. Therefore, I feel that Matthias' bubbl i the best.
    Jonathan Yeo

  2. I feel that Matthias's bubbl is the best as it is very straightfoward and I can also learn about other facts like the car can reach a speed of 230km/h. His bubbl is over flowing with information!


  3. I like Celine's bubbl the most as it was almost fully detailed about the accident but could improve on her bubbl by describing more about his injuries.

  4. I like Matthias's bubbl the most as it is easy to read his bubbl and it states all the main facts of the accident.


  5. I like Matthias' bubbl the most as it is very detailed. Even if I didn't read the article, I would have already known what had happened to Rowan Atkinson by reading his bubbl.


  6. I prefer Matthias bubbl as it has all the main facts and I would be able to know what had happen before reading the article.

  7. I prefer Matthias's bubbl best as he has the most systhematic bubbl and has the most number of main facts.

  8. DEVESH!!!It is easy to read.


  9. I prefer Shi min's bubbl, although it wasn't as sophisticated as the others, it is very easy to understand and straightfoward

  10. I prefer Shi Min's bubbl as it was short and straight forward. I understand most of the facts as it was quite clearly stated.

  11. Hi I am a parent. I have been reading 6-8's comments on your classmates's work. Let me commend all of you for the maturity you reflect in being respectful and positive in your comments. I am amazed 12 yr olds can show such maturity. Please keep up this spirit for the rest of your life - treat your fellow beings well and the joy you get from that is greater than any monetary reward. Good luck to all of you for PSLE. Mdm Ton - congratulations on sheperding such a responsible bunch of young ladies and gentlemen.

  12. correction - I meant Mdm Toh. Sorry

  13. I like Leona's bubbl as it gives me the basic details of what happened to "Mr Bean".

    By Gregory

    (So actually that comment was from MDM TOH!)

  14. I like Matthias's bubbl as the bubbl gives straight-forward details.

    By Kian Yang

  15. i think Matthias's bubbl is the best as it has alot of info about the accident.It is also simple and allows me to absorb the info into my brain easier

  16. I like Ada's.It is well detailed and have all the information.


  17. I think that all the bubbls are done with effort. But the more detialed ones are ayisha's, matthias's, jonathan's, leona's and celine's


  18. I like Matthias bubble as the details were mostly captured in the bubble. Overall ost of the bubbles are very rich in content.

    Khoo Xin Hui

  19. I like Jonathan's bubbl as I think it is very detailed and analytical. It has included all the 5'W's and 1'H'. It is also quite neatly organised. However, I think that there is still room for improvement. :D
    Peh Qian Ling

  20. I feel Celine's bubbl the best as it not only puts down all the main points,it also analyses and goes deeper into the details of the accident.

  21. I liked celine's bubbl.It has a vivid description of what has happended and is easily understanded

  22. I like leona's bubbl as it is very clear what the passage was about.I t is also very easy to understand and not so complicated.
    *Loo Jia Lin*