Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Synthesis and Transformation 9

Let's see who will be the first to get full marks in this S and T!

I received 26 submissions. For those who have not responded, please do so.

Devesh has got all the right answers.

Welcome Kai Sheng to learn with us!

Check answers here.


  1. A reflective learner learns more effectively. Comment/Reflect on where you have gone wrong and why.

  2. who IS Kai Sheng!?

  3. Who is Kai Sheng?
    Ng Wen Qi

  4. Xin Hui brother

  5. @Everyone wondering who Kai Sheng is - I think Matt is right, considering his full name is Khoo Kai Sheng.

  6. Dear Mdm Toh,

    Could I pls confirm if the following response to a S&T would be acceptable?

    Q: My sister, who is eighteen, is too young to vote during the National Elections.
    A: My sister (response in quotation marks)"is too young to vote during the National elections as she is eighteen."
    it does not change the meaning or the tense - but still wondering if it is correct.

    Answer given during the class work earlier in the year is : My sister ",who is eighteen, is too young to vote during the National Elections."

  7. Hi, the given response has the same meaning as the stem. It is however not accepted because a connector (as) is added.
    I would gladly accept the answer since it does not violate any of the rules in S and T. But the markers in national exams think otherwise. So, it's better to be safe than sorry...