Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Composition contributed by Maisarah (unedited) - A Bully Stopped

“Ok, so what are we going to do for our Social Studies project?” I asked. We were in the school library doing some research for our project, which was due in a week’s time.
“Hey, Lin! Since we are doing our project on the history of Singapore, why don’t we do some research on Sir Stamford Raffles? Or what about the Japanese invasion?” Selina suggested.
I sat down and thought for a while. The suggestions made by Selina were too common. The other groups might have the same idea and had worked on the same topic and the teacher might get bored with listening to the same thing again and again. I then remembered that the recent General Elections had sparked up a whole lot of discussion. Especially on the former Minister Mentor (MM) Lee’s rough talking: “Residents of Aljunied will live 5 years of regret.” So, talking about how he ‘built’ Singapore might get more points.
Before I could tell my suggestions to Selina, a bunch of boys busted through the school library doors and started making noise. They were making weird faces at each other and did crazy things like over-turning the library chairs.
The librarian came to see what all the commotion was about when… one of the boys started running towards her trying to get away from his friend and they collided into each other. The impact caused by they collision made them fall backwards. The boy quickly got up but, unfortunately for the librarian, she had fainted.
“Lin, go get some teachers now!” Selina screamed into my ear. I rubbed my ear to soothe it. Sometimes, Selina can get carried away with her screaming. I was about to leave when suddenly, one of the boys shouted, “Come back you stupid girl!”
As soon as I heard that voice, I recognized it. It was the one whom they called ‘Terror’, ‘Ultimate Bully’ and ‘Bully of all Bullies’. It was Big Bully Aron, otherwise known as Aron Teo from Primary 6A.
I turned back and saw Selina with her arms on her back, held by Aron’s minions. “Just go, Lin!” Selina screamed. Suddenly, I was under Aron’ s control. “Don’t tell anyone,” he said in a low voice, “or else, you’ll pay for it!”
I cowered in a corner as he stepped closer. I’m just a Primary 4 pupil, what do you expect? Selina began screaming again. Her words made me so guilty, I wanted to cry. I then decided, I’ll fight this bully. I got up and kicked the bully on his dry bone.
“Oww!” he screamed, “Get her!”
I ran out of the library with Aron’s minions hot on my tail.
I ran straight down to the General Office and almost knocked down the Principal. “Help me,” I said desperately,“ they are going to bring me to Aron for him to bully me!”
The Principal and I rushed up to the library. The librarian had just woken up. Aron screamed, “Where is that girl?!” He saw the Principal and froze. He began cowering the way I did. I ran to Selina and we watched the wretched boys being scolded. They ended up doing community work in school by picking up all the litter they could find in school.
Selina and I agreed to take up my idea for our project and in the end, we got the highest sore.
A day after our presentation, the Principal awarded us with a certificate. She told us that Aron would not go around bullying people again. “Yay!” I shrieked with Selina.


  1. I missed out one word:

    "So, talking about how he ‘built’ Singapore might get (us) more points."


  2. "get more points" is fine too.

  3. The story is quite nice and fluent. I think it is quite unique as well.