Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EL Prelim R & R (Results Released)

So, what's R and R? Rest and relax? Definitely not.

The first R stands for Recapitulation. Do go through the following two forms on Editing and Synthesis and Transformation to recapitulate on what we went through in class today.

Editing Check your answers.
Bhairavi, Celine, Devesh, Jin Kang, Jonathan, Na Zhen, Kyan, Jia Lin, Matthias, Wen Qi, Augustine, Qian Ling, Valencia and Jia Sheng are the PERFECT SCORERS!

Synthesis and Transformation Check your answers.
Bhairavi, Celine, Devesh, Jin Kang, Jonathan, Xin Hui, Leona, Gregory, Maisarah, Marianne, Qian Ling, Kian Yang, Ayisha,Valencia, Cai Leng and Kean Sin are the PERFECT SCORERS!

The second R stands for Reflection. You have seen your EL Paper 2. Are you pleased with your results? What have you done well this time? What have you not done well this time? Do you know the cause(s) of your good or not-so-good results? What will you do in these 30 over days to make sure you will be able to do much better in your PSLE? Pen down and share your reflections with me. Let me know how we can work together for the best results.

A BIG "Thank You" to Berwyn, Bhairavi, Ming Quan, Henny, Jonathan, Xin Hui, Na Zhen, Leona, Jia Lin, Matthias, Qian Ling, Ayisha, Jacques and Cai Leng for sharing with me your reflections.


  1. It's me, your friendly Comment Dictionary!

    Meaning of recapitulate:

    Definition of RECAPITULATE

    transitive verb
    a : to restate briefly : summarize
    b : to give new form or expression to
    : to repeat the principal stages or phases of

    Stolen from Merriam-Webster online dictionary

  2. Oh, wait, I've found a much simpler definition:

    to give a brief summary

    (This time, it's from Merriam-Webster World Central)

    I've also found a synonym, Summarize.

  3. hi dictionary thanks for the meaning

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