Friday, August 19, 2011

Composition contributed by Kian Yang (unedited) - What friends are for

“Peter! Hurry up!” I shrieked to my best friend.
“Okay! I am coming!” Peter replied.
Peter and I were in the same project group. Our
Science teacher, Miss Omairah, had told us to work
on a project on deforestation so we decided to go to
the library to do some research about deforestation
after school.
“Peter, you go get some books while I switch
on the computer,” I suggested.
Within minutes, Peter came back with a
stack of books. We started our research on
Unfortunately, the most notorious boy,
Tee Kah Seng, interrupted our research, and a
group of hooligans. They were playing sumo
wrestling in the library! Two of the hooligans
waited for the referee, Tee Kah Seng, to signal
the start of the match. At first, I tried to ignore
their nuisance.
“ Peter, I am going to get some books for
more information,” I said.
“Oh! Look who is here! The thin and
scaredy guy!” Tee Kah Seng taunted into my

“ Better than a fat and ugly guy!” Peter
replied and walked over indomitably.
I was speechless and immediately
suggested Peter to back out. He refused with
nerves of steel. Now, Tee Kah Seng’s anger
knew no bounds and he was at his ferocious
“Oh! So Peter wants to mess with me
eh?” He stomped his feet hard on the ground.
I gritted my teeth waiting for the worst
consequences. Even his minions trembled with
fear. A boy who previously messed with him had
his both front teeth knocked out. Tee Kah Seng’s
fists were up and cocked, ready to unleash a
flurry of punches at Peter.
I knew the worst was about to happen.
Millions of questions raced through my mind.
Would this incident make history in this school?
Could the headlines on tomorrow newspaper
mention: Boy killed by a bully? Tee Kah Seng
swung a quick right, then a left. But those
punches caught only the empty air as Peter easily
dodged them. Somehow, his eyes were like
seeing things in slow motion as he knew where
the punches were going to be coming and where
they were likely to land. Tee Kah Seng clearly
could not believe it.
With a roar of outrage, Kah Seng began swinging an impressive combo of punches …
right jab, left jab, right swing. Amazingly, not a
single one hit Peter. Students at the library were
speechless. More Amazingly, Peter was not even
backing away. He simply twisted this way and
that way; leaned backwards and forward. The
hooligans tried stopping Kah Seng but they just
could not.
In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save
face. Kah Seng lunged at Peter once more, and
this time Peter did not try to get out of way.
Instead, he simply held up his arm straight and
his fist clenched. Kah Seng’s jaw landed bull’s-
eye against Peters’ knuckles. Kah Seng sunk to
the ground with a moan, his eyes closed.
“ Peter did that? Yeah right,” someone
Fortunately, Kah Seng was not badly
hurt, and struggled to his feet. The students
roared with laughter at how embarrassing Kah
Seng looked. Kah Seng turned crimson and fled,
not as a bully but a frightened mouse.
The librarian saw the whole incident and
was frustrated.
“ Both of you are going to give a good
explanation to the discipline master!”
The librarian brought them to the discipline master’s office.
“ Don’t worry Pal! I would be fine! You
are still my best friend!” Peter comforted me.
I cursed myself for being so useless. I
now knew what friends were truly for.

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