Thursday, August 11, 2011

Composition contributed by Jia Yun (unedited)

A suitable title for this piece will be?

opened my eyes slowly as I looked around the room. "Hmm... Where's Mom? Where's Dad? Where's Shirley?" I thought to myself as I dragged my feet towards the living room from the room I was sleeping. I went into the kitchen but there was no sign of my family. I searched from room to room and looked out of the window.
"Could they have gone out for a walk? Or could they have gone out to eat?" I thought as cold sweat started dripping down my neck. I thought of the possibility of where they could have gone. I telephoned my parents but neither of them answered. I put down the phone as my hands became sweaty and shaky.
Suddenly, the phone rang. I quickly answered the phone. "Hello?" I talked into the phone, my voice shaking a little, my hands clammy. There was silence through the other side if the phone. "Mom? Dad?" I said softly.
"Sorry, wrong number," The person replied hushly and hung up the phone.
I felt strange. "Could something have happened to my parents and Shirley?" I asked myself. I went out of my house. I began asking my neighbors if they had seen my family. No one had seen them. "Why doesn't anyone believe what I told them? Why don't they believe in me that my family might be kidnapped?" I questioned myself.
"If they were kidnapped, Why don't they kidnap you?" a voice came from behind.
I turned around and saw an old man talking to me. "That's true..." I thought, "Could it be possible for them to be going out for something important?" the old man asked me.
"He looks familiar... White hair, long beard... Oh! He was the old man my father always talks to!" I thought.
"Ya,maybe. But how about my baby sister?" I suddenly remember about her.
"You should go home to check again, Miss," the old man suggested.
I thought about it. Then I thanked the old man and ran home. As I reached my flat, I saw my parents pacing up and down the living room. When they saw me, they ran out of the house and brought me in. "Where did you go, my dear?" my mother asked me, looking concerned and worried.
I told my parents about the things I did when they were not at home and they laughed. "Silly girl, you know that we would come back," my father replied, gently.
"Sorry, Shirley was sick. So, we have to take her to the clinic. We were in the doctor's room, so we could not answer the phone," my mother explained.
After this incident, I learnt not to jump to conclusion when something happened. This made me feel bad about all the negative things I thought of. "How could my family be kidnapped?" I thought to myself as I laughed about it.


  1. Umm.."The Consequence of Misjudging"??

    ~Bhairavi Buddhamurthy~

  2. The trust in famiy members????
    Peh Qian Ling

  3. Do not jump into conclusions.

    Kian Yang

  4. Wait... isn't there something in the beginning?

  5. Wow! Good story line.


  6. Intresting story. Good flow from one event to another.


  7. This is good!Good plot!
    Jonathan Yeo