Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spelling and Grammar Editing 2

Complete this test. For Spelling and Grammar Editing 1, Ming Quan was the first to score full marks. Well done, Ming Quan.

27 submissions as at 1 September 0635. First to submit is Jin Kang. First to score full marks is Xin Hui.

If you have not responded, please do so.

Check answers here.


  1. So when will the the response spreadsheet for Spelling and Grammar Editing 1 be posted?

    Oh, and the installer for Google Chrome can be found here:
    (for Windows only, if you have Mac go here: on your Safari browser)

  2. This is Wen Qi here.
    Can I download google chrome when I already had IE 8.0, Safari and Mozilla Firefox?

  3. @Wen Qi - If you have enough free space, yes.

  4. A reflective learner learns more effectively. Comment/Reflect on where you have gone wrong and why.

    I am sorry. I have to admit that this comment is a 'copy and paste' exercise.

  5. Peh Qian Ling
    1. Force or oblige (someone) to do something.
    The biggest bully in school likes to compel people to do his homework or else he will bash them up.

  6. Compel: force somebody to do something

    Sentence: I was compelled to lie to the headmistress about the vandalism incident.

  7. Compelled: To cause (someone) by force (to be or do something)

    Sentence: I was compelled by my mother to do revision on Math even though it was the school holidays.

    Quah Kian Yang.

  8. Compelled:1. Force or oblige (someone) to do something.
    Sentence: Since she do not feel like doing it,please stop compelling her to do it.

  9. Compel:To Force
    By being defying our orders, you are compelling us to suspend you.

  10. Meaning of Compelled:
    verb (used with object)
    -to force or drive, especially to a course of action
    Using Compelled in a sentence:
    The notorious bully compelled the younger kids to surrender their pocket money to him.

  11. compel:to be forced to do something

    I was compelled by my father to practice mathematics everyday.

  12. compel:to force

    Nevertheless, being thus strangely compell, the man descends and focuses his camera on the snowy roadway.

  13. Compelled(verb)-to force or drive, especially to a course of action.
    Sentence- Mr Lim was compelled to retire due to his old age and poor health, although he loved his work.

  14. compelled-to force

    Being in a really terrible financial problem, i was compelled to sell my beloved Ipod to pay all my debt.

  15. Meaning of compelled: to force somebody to do something or to make something necessary

    Sentence: Mr Tan often compelled his workers to work twelve or fourteen hours a day.

  16. Meaning: to force or drive, especially to a course of action
    Sentence: John disobeying the rules compels us to dismiss him.