Friday, August 12, 2011

Parents to sign on EL and Math Practice Paper

Researches and studies have shown that parental involvement in their children's school work has a positive effect on their children's learning.

I am glad that these pupils have involved their parents in their learning process by getting their signatures on Maths Practice 5 and El Practice Paper 6.

They are:
1. Qian Ling
2. Ada
3. Matthias
4. Jonathan
5. Xin Hui
6. Leona
7. Maisarah
8. Wen Xuan
9. Kian Yang
10. Jacques
11. Ahmad
12. Jia Yun
13. Shi Min
14. Valencia
15. Marianne
16. Keane



  1. *reads* Researches and studies have shown *clicks on another post*