Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

I live in Singapore
I belong in Singapore
Singapore is where I should be
Living loving and caring for

I love my Singapore
Forever more and more
I travel here
I travel there
But I will return
to my beautiful Singapore

Singapore will always be
loving caring and generous
Teachers friends and families
together we unite
as a multi racial society

~Na Zhen~

Singapore is where my family and I spent most of our happiness at.
Singapore made my also made my birthday enjoyable.
Whenever I was feeling low or blue, Singapore was always there with me.

~Shi Min~


I gazed out of the world's largest observation wheel and
saw the Esplanade. I often wander how the architect got that idea .
Being a Singaporean two months ago really change my life. back in my
old country, I lived in fear everyday. But now, I step out of my
three-room flat feeling safe and protected.

That afternoon, I really saw the beauty of Singapore- the
Merlion, the world first Night Safari and not forgetting, the world's
largest Bird Park. I felt that I had betrayed my old country, but
seriously, I had to get out of that slumdog and start a fresh in
Singapore-my homeland.

~Henny Maherah~

What's the best place in Singapore? In my opinion, I feel that my home is the best place in Singapore. Why, you may ask. Although there is not much to play here, you can spend time with your family. Its not that you cannot spend time with your family at Sentosa or at the Singapore Flyer but here, you can spend time to eat and play together for free and it gives you the feeling you are "home".

For those who are poor, they would understand because they might not have money to go and have fun somewhere they want like Sentosa. For me, my grandparents are old and cannot go out to have some time with me. The only place is at home where we can eat and watch some shows on television together. The only time we, as a family can, go out is when my grandparents are sick or during Chinese New Year to visit relatives.

I also feel that home is the only place that you can spend precious moment together everyday, forever, because if you go out, you still would have to come back home and that "fun" would have to end.


A place that I call home
A place of peace and harmony
Although small
But great in achievements
A place that we can call it as our homeland
Is a place of merits and value

~Si En~

What is Singapore to me?
Singapore is just like me.
Without Singapore, I will not be here right now.
Without Singapore, there will not be well-built places and tourist places to visit.
Without every one's effort, Singapore has changed and developed into such a wonderful place for all of us to live in. In the earlier years, when Singapore encountered problems, there were founding fathers to support and rely on. They did not give up hope on Singapore.

So, what does Singapore mean to me?
It means my second home. It watches me when I was a baby to a student in Punggol Primary School, from a pre-schooler to a Primary six student.
Singapore also means myself too. When people are harming the earth and polluting the air, it destroys my health and leds to me being sick so when Singapore is being well-protected, I will be safe and secure too.

In a nutshell, let's do our part in protecting Singapore!

~Qian Ling~

One of my favourite spots in Singapore is , East Coast Park. My family and I always go to East Coast when we are free. The reason that we like East Coast so much is that there are many tracks for cycling and being a fan of cycling I like to go there. When we go to East Coast not only do we cycle we would have a barbecue sometimes. We would always stay till it's 10 or 11 before we head home. The air at East Coast is very fresh, there are many facilities, resturants and some food court. I think the main reason I like East Coast park so much is because the tracks are very wide and long. It would be nice to go to East Coast every once in a while, the sea breeze gently against your face, cycling on the almost never-ending tracks. Your heart would feel as if it was soaring freely in the sky and plus, it's very clean.


Singapore, a clean and green country,
Serves millions of delicious food,
It probably the only country,
What is safe from all the disasters.
We should appreciate more,
About me and my Singapore!

~Jae Shin~

Me and my Singapore,
With green grass, flowers and all,
a beautiful Singapore it is,
a country you would not want to miss,
with shopping malls for shopaholics,
with fun places for people of all ages,
with nice and beautiful places you would never forget,
a place that is just so perfect,
a racial country it surely is,
with so many races living together in bliss,
this is Singapore,
truly,truly, my Singapore


Singapore is the country I was born in , I like Singapore as it has many attractions like the Singapore flyer,Wild wild wet and etc… The main reason that I love Singapore is because her National Day other than being a holiday it’s a day where her celebrates her existence.


Me And My Singapore
My Singapore,
Oh, so lovely,
it makes me smile.
It brights up my day which seems dull,
Many kind people here,
Many people so very dear,
always ready to lend a listening ear,
also, so many types of food,
Singapore is really good!


Singapore is a wonderful place to live in. Without it, I have nowhere else to go and live. Singapore is the best despite the harsh weather conditions. What I like most about Singapore is the Singapore flyer as you can see many nice sceneries up in the sky.

~Ming Quan~

On that special day, Principal Chua started to tear after seeing the pride and loyalty her pupils have for their country. Looking upon the faces of the many who would one day be a contributor to the big society of Singapore, she began to reminisce the times she spent on pledging her loyalty to Singapore and to be a citizen who will eventually help to mould the next generation into a greater aspect of life.

"Still, who do I feel that I have not contributed enough?" she thought to herself. As the march pass ceased and melted into the National Anthem, Principal Chua started to recall the earlier events of the year. Be it sad or happy, citizens of Singapore must be a united people, regardless of who we are, what we are and most importantly, what we do. That is the only way as how to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress as stated in the pledge that we take.

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language of religion, to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progess for our nation.

It was then that Principal Chua realise that she cannot always control what the next generation do. This is part of their journey to be the very best that they can be. The journey for them is just beginning. All she can do is to guide them along the first part of their journey while they continue on the rest of their path together as a united people.


I am an average P6 Singaporean girl. I go to a neighbourhood school and try to do my best for my exams. I love living in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons...

National Day
National Day is coming soon. I love this day a lot. Every year, I get to sing more national songs because more songs are made up every year. I also get to watch it on TV in HD. I like the fact that they also telecast it live on TV and have an encore telecast for others who missed the show to watch it.

Low crime rate
OK, so the number of crimes committed between last year and this year has increased and this time the crimes are more serious and the prison cells are probably crowded by now and the crimes committed are sometimes a little insane but at lease we don't find a dead body in every water tank that is up high on the roof, right?

Singapore is a safe country and I don't step on a bomb or get shot the moment I step out of the house. I don't even have to carry a gun in my pocket. I trust that the Singapore Police Force is smart enough to take care of the crimes.

Ah...who can deny the taste of the succulent Chilli Crab! Food is the topic I'm talking about now! I have eaten many types of food from different country but, as far as my memory serves me right and my tongue can taste properly, Singapore's food is the best. After all, we are famous for our chilli crab :).

Resorts World Singapore was just launched last year but it has attracted many tourists. Especially the two casinos and Universal Studios Singapore. People are willing to pay tons just to get in. I too want to go there. 'Battlestar Galatica', a roller-coaster at the Universal Studios, is one of the most famous tourist, as well as singaporean, attractions. I wonder how it feels like to go on it...

These are some of the reasons why I love Singapore. Me and my Singapore, I was born here and I will live up to Singapore's National Anthem 'Majulah Singapura!'


Me and My Singapore
Singapore, my home, my shelter
Singapore, a place where once been will leave you in awe
My Singapore has provided me with housing and education like no other
My Singapore has provided me with great food that has left my taste buds craving for more
From a fishing village to a well-developed nation has it grown into and with a government we can’t stop being grateful to
I’m proud of my Singapore and saying this will forever be my home


It means home, peace and a clean and green city to me.
It tells me that a small fishing village can be transformed into an independent and economically advanced country.
There is also religious and racial harmony with no riots, low crimes, and racism.

~Jia Sheng~

She, who is my homeland
where there live my family and friends

there are different races like
Chinese , Malay , Indian and
there are many more to find

I learned to speak English there
and everyone is treated fair and square

and there are lots of attractions there
but I like the Merlion most

Spitting water from its mouth
I think it got seasick

but it doesn't matter
as Singapore is clean and green

~Wen Xuan~

My parents took my sister and me to East Coast Park. We went Kangoo Jumping. It was so much fun! It is one of my favourite place in Singapore.
People in the photo: My sister and I

~Cai Leng~

Although Singapore is small,
but it has all.
Shopping malls, Cinemas,
and many more.
All year summer,
no four seasons.
But a lot of visitors
visit during their winter.
Although Singapore has no natural resources,
but has good relationship with other countries.
Singapore has the world's first Night Safari,
Largest Man-made Fountain,
one of my favourite,
and the highest Man-made Waterfall.
The Merlion is Singapore's icon,
and Vanda Miss Joaqium is Singapore's national flower
So do not think that Singapore is small and look down on us,
Singapore will surprise you with what it has.
So, "don't judge a book by its cover".




I love my home, Singapore. Red and white fill up our national flag. While the national flag rises in school, we sing the national anthem. Singing the national anthem makes me proud of Singapore. So do seeing the national flag rising. Why? I'm a Singaporean and I should be proud to sing the national anthem!


Singapore is a home for me, my parents and my whole family tree. Without Singapore, my family tree may have stopped a long time ago. Singapore has brought happiness to my family and I believed that it has also brought happiness to other families too. So, I wish that Singapore would continue its great work and bring happiness to my further generation.SO, I WISH SINGAPORE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


I have been staying in Singapore since i was born
I ate different kinds of food from many races and not just corn
I eat beans and peas
I also sleep and pee
this are the things i do in Singapore!
Singapore is not a bore~
but sometimes there's some running boars~
we should, cherish our world,
now go spread the word~
this is about me and my Singapore~


We were at the second story of the old supreme court at city hall during its 2 day open house.
That day we signed up for a mandarin tour around the building. At that place,you can see before your own eyes how the courtroom look like and you can sit on most of the chairs except the judges'. We even went into one of the judge's office and we learned that behing the judges seat in the court room there is a table where the jury sits and discuss the verdict.
The judge's table in his own office has special ventilation holes and we also saw the toilets. the toilets still look usuable and though it is a little yellowish, it looks fine to me. We were allowed acess into the place where the acused was kept before entering court. The toilet flushing systems were all outside of the 'cages' to prevent it from breaking the flushing systems outer plastic to try to hurt themselves. The stairs there are extremely steep especially the one for the acuse to climb up to the court room.
Outside the court room there is a huge empty space outside. The tiles were made of rubber as at that point of time singapore was having some financial difficulties. i also learned that the old sureme court building was once a hotel but later was taken over by the government as the hotel was having some financial difficulties.
There was also a library, it had two levers but we were only allowed the first level. there were some really old television sets and the carpets look very old too.
At the lobby, there is an incription on the floor. It was believed that a man from Britan laid that stone. Under it, was said to be a few sets of old english news paper and they told the then uthorities that they wanted the newspapers to b kept there till 500 years has passed. I felt that it was really amazing to be stepping on some really old paper and thinking that 500 years later that pieces of paper is going on the headlines.after all those we went to the old government building.
Behind this two old buildings, there was the supreme court. It was shaped like a saucer. We had to walk in front of it to get to the accused quarters where there was a gate to block people fm entering.
There were lots of things that we could do and play. All that games and activities really bonded us closer as a family. If I have a chance to go there again, I would.

~Xin Hui~

I live in Singapore,
I love my Singapore,
Singapore is a wonderful place to live in,
A clean and green country,
It makes me smile,
A place that I call home,
I'm a Singaporean and I should be proud to be one~



  1. Nice work, P6-8! =)
    Mrs Kelly Lye

  2. Incidentally, some characters in the "In a Heartbeat" video also appeared in the actual NDP.